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Composition of Fiber Bragg Grating Fire Monitoring and Alarm System

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Fiber optic fire monitoring device is a device used to detect the temperature of the gas inside the tank in real time and determine whether the environment in which the gas is located is safe based on the detected temperature. Fiber optic fire monitoring devices require fiber optic sensors with a wide measurement range, convenient installation, and a long signal transmission distance

Composition of Fiber Bragg Grating Fire Monitoring System

The system consists of fiber optic grating temperature sensors, transmission fibers, fiber optic modems, computers, and water spray valve switches; There are several fiber optic grating temperature sensors, which are connected in series through transmission optical fibers. The transmission optical fibers are connected to the fiber optic modem, which is connected to the computer through an electrical signal line. The output end of the computer is used to control the switch of the water spray valve; Each fiber optic grating temperature sensor is equipped with a position number, and the water spray valve switch is equipped with a valve number corresponding to the position number of the fiber optic grating temperature sensor; The fiber optic grating temperature sensor is installed in a metal conduction fixing device, which is fixed on the object to be monitored.

Fiber optic transmission of signals, strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, and good operational stability. The device has a self check function, which can monitor the operation in real time and output a fault alarm sound. Moreover, this system uses non electric detection, which is inherently safe and explosion-proof. The metal conduction fixing device of this device to some extent protects the fiber optic grating temperature sensor and can quickly conduct the temperature of the object being tested.

In the actual use of fiber optic detection and alarm systems, fiber optic is both a transmission medium and a sensing medium. The temperature field at each point in the space where the fiber optic is located modulates the intensity of the backscattered Raman light in the fiber optic. The linear fiber optic temperature sensing fire detection signal processor processes the collected spatial temperature information and extracts the demodulated temperature information in real time from the noise, and sends it to the computer through RS485 and 232 ports. The signal processor itself has passive output contacts that can be connected to the automatic fire alarm controller to complete the transmission of fire alarm and fault signals; It can also be used in conjunction with coding input modules and directly connected to fire automatic alarm controllers produced by various companies to form a fire automatic alarm system. The controller can monitor the status of this signal processor, receive normal, fire alarm, warning, and fault information, and achieve a perfect combination of linear fiber optic temperature sensing fire detection system and traditional detection system.
The local computer is equipped with monitoring software (hereinafter referred to as software), which can provide system settings and analog display of detection data, as well as display various pre-set measurement data (such as temperature, frequency, backscatter curve, zone alarm threshold, average temperature, maximum temperature, fire spread direction, etc.).




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