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Distributed fiber optic temperature measurement device used for warehouse temperature monitoring

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Why does the warehouse need temperature measurement
The temperature environment of a warehouse is an important factor affecting the storage of products, and different products have different requirements for warehouse temperature. Among them, especially for warehouses storing important products, strict control of temperature and humidity inside the warehouse is necessary to ensure the quality of food. A warehouse is a place where a large amount of stored materials are stored. In some warehouses, it is necessary to monitor the temperature well during use. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will cause damage to the materials stored in the warehouse. The current temperature monitoring equipment is just a simple thermometer, which cannot meet the needs of use.

Application of Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement Device in Warehouse

FJINNO provides a fiber optic temperature monitoring device for production plants, which has the characteristics of simultaneously monitoring multiple temperatures, solving the problem of inaccurate traditional warehouse temperature measurement devices. The fiber optic temperature measurement device can monitor the temperature inside the plant in real time online. Traditional temperature monitoring devices for food or drug production plants cannot continuously monitor multiple points or along the line inside the plant during use. Therefore, multiple temperature measurement devices need to be purchased for temperature monitoring, which leads to maintenance and inspection monitoring temperature problems and increases the cost of warehouse management and operation.

The distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system independently developed by FJINNO is a leading new type of temperature measurement device in China. The sensors of the fiber optic temperature measurement device can monitor the temperature distribution of the measured temperature field in real time. In the temperature measurement system, the fiber optic can act as a sensing medium to induce light, and as a transmission medium, it can obtain measurement information and spatial distribution status along the fiber optic distribution at any time. The fiber optic temperature measurement system is widely used in many power temperature measurement industries and transformer manufacturers due to the inherent safety, accurate signal, stable system, and reasonable price of fiber optic sensors.

FJINNO has developed a high-tech temperature measurement system for real-time measurement of spatial temperature field distribution based on DTS distributed fiber optic temperature measurement technology and fiber optic temperature measurement principle. The distributed fiber optic temperature measurement warning system has the characteristics of continuous distributed monitoring, real-time synchronous monitoring of multiple devices, anti electromagnetic interference, corrosion resistance, long temperature measurement distance, suitable for remote monitoring, high sensitivity and measurement accuracy that traditional pt100 temperature sensors cannot achieve. The measurement distance is up to a timely kilometer, and the spatial positioning accuracy is accurate, especially suitable for applications that require long-distance, large-scale, and multi-point measurement. The distributed fiber optic temperature measurement and early warning system has been widely used in various industries such as power, ports, coal, petrochemicals, rail transit, tunnels, and hydropower dams.

Warehouse temperature monitoring system

The distributed fiber optic temperature monitoring system in the warehouse is installed with distributed fiber optic sensors on the walls and support columns inside the warehouse. The distributed fiber optic sensors are connected to the monitoring and temperature measurement host in the warehouse monitoring room through fiber optic cables. The display on the monitoring machine displays the temperature situation monitored by each sensor. The monitoring machine is equipped with a recording module and an analysis module, and is connected to the communication module. The warehouse temperature monitoring system monitors the temperature inside the warehouse through distributed fiber optic sensors installed on the wall panels and support columns, and sends the temperature in real time to the monitoring machine. The temperature information monitored by each monitoring device is displayed on the monitoring machine, and the temperature information is recorded and analyzed by the recording module. Once any abnormal temperature is found, the communication module notifies the monitoring personnel for processing. The warehouse temperature monitoring system can monitor the temperature at various angles in real-time during use, making it convenient to detect temperature changes in a timely manner and notify monitoring personnel to handle them in a timely manner, meeting the needs of monitoring.




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