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fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing technology characteristic

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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device Distributed fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system

With the development of modern industry and the improvement of urbanization level, the widespread, safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly use of power cables is increasingly valued by people. Due to the concealed environment and long distance of power cables, insulation hazards are not easily detected during operation, which can lead to faults or accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen real-time monitoring of power cables during operation, timely judge the operation status of the cables, effectively pre diagnose alarms, prevent the occurrence of fault disasters, and jointly use distributed fiber optic temperature measurement devices to quickly locate fault points, reduce equipment downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce economic losses.
In recent years, the rapid development of sensors, computer technology, optical fibers, and new measurement technologies has created favorable conditions for achieving online monitoring. Thus, it has played an immeasurable role in monitoring and diagnosing the status of power equipment, monitoring and diagnosing power equipment faults, regular maintenance of power equipment, life assessment of power equipment, and life management of power equipment.

The principle of temperature measurement device for distributed fiber optic temperature sensing system

Distributed fiber optic temperature measurement technology can solve the problems of a large number of cables, long distances, and fast and accurate determination of fault points.
The principle of distributed fiber optic temperature measurement is based on the backward Raman scattering effect. Laser pulses interact with fiber molecules, causing scattering. The fiber is affected by external temperature, causing changes in the scattered light in the fiber, providing an absolute indication of temperature. This principle can be used to achieve distributed measurement of the temperature field along the fiber. The system is equipped with a laser pulse light source, which generates narrow pulse scattered light at a certain frequency. The light with a longer wavelength than the light source is called Stokes light, and the light with a shorter wavelength than the light source is called anti Stokes light. Among them, anti Stokes light is sensitive to temperature, and its intensity increases when the temperature of the optical cable increases. Stokes light is not sensitive to temperature, and the distributed fiber optic temperature measurement and warning system can accurately calculate the absolute temperature along the optical cable temperature field by using the ratio of these two light intensities, achieving distributed measurement. By detecting the time of returning light, the corresponding position on the optical cable can be determined.




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