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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device for vacuum contactors

Fiber optic temperature sensor, Intelligent monitoring system, Distributed fiber optic manufacturer in China

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device Distributed fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system

FJINNO is a professional vacuum contactor temperature measurement manufacturer. Our independently developed fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system can be applied to temperature monitoring in different power equipment environments.

Due to the fact that the contact system of vacuum contactors is sealed in a vacuum environment by ceramic or glass, the heat dissipation method is mainly heat conduction, and the heat dissipation efficiency is not high. Therefore, serious heating problems may occur when the load current is high. Excessive temperature rise not only endangers the mechanical strength of the conductor, but also brings problems such as welding, fatigue, and creep. Moreover, the surface of some exposed materials in the air will become easily oxidized, and the generated oxides will increase the contact resistance of the connection position, thereby affecting the resistance and electrical performance of the vacuum contactor contact system. In addition, severe heating will increase the dielectric loss of insulation, accelerate component aging, and affect the service life. According to the relevant requirements of the temperature rise test for AC contactors, the allowable temperature rise limit for the heating components of AC contactors is specified as 65K, and some companies have also proposed more stringent indicators such as 50K.

During operation, electrical appliances generate resistance losses due to the current passing through conductors and coils, and almost all of these losses are converted into thermal energy. These thermal energies will affect the reliability and service life of electrical appliances. The mechanical strength of metal materials in electrical products will significantly decrease when the temperature reaches a certain value. In addition, the contact material of electrical appliances should not only consider mechanical strength, but also its oxidation issue. Oxides of metal materials (excluding silver) are semiconductors with high electrical resistivity. For example, the contact resistance of copper contacts after oxidation will increase by tens to hundreds of times, and the rate of oxidation is related to the temperature of the contacts. When the contact temperature is 80 degrees higher, oxidation will begin to intensify. The insulation strength of electrical insulation materials will gradually decrease with the increase of temperature. When the temperature of the insulation material exceeds the limit temperature, the material will age rapidly. The higher the temperature, the faster the aging and shorter the lifespan.

The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system independently developed by FJINNO can be applied in various situations of power equipment, such as contactor fiber optic temperature measurement, circuit breaker fiber optic temperature measurement, load switch fiber optic temperature measurement, and relay fiber optic temperature measurement.




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