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There are many types of fiber optic temperature sensors, including distributed, fiber optic grating, and fluorescence temperature sensors, which can be applied in many situations. There are many companies in China that do fiber optic temperature monitoring, and FJINNO is a new type of fiber optic monitoring technology company that truly has technical strength

Distributed fiber optic temperature sensor

The distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system mainly consists of a temperature measurement host, temperature sensing optical cables, and monitoring software. Based on ROTDR technology, it detects Raman backscattered light, converts it into photoelectric light, and uses demodulation algorithms to achieve real-time distributed temperature monitoring. The temperature detection distance of a single optical cable in this system can reach up to 30 kilometers, and the temperature monitoring range is -60 to 200 ° C

1) In distributed fiber optic detection systems, fiber optic serves as both a sensor and a communication channel, eliminating the need for other electronic measurement devices;

2) Real time monitoring of temperature, achieving early warning and reducing false alarms;

3) It can provide information on any measurement point on the entire detection fiber optic cable, with fast installation and low cost, and almost no maintenance required;

4) Fiber optics have the characteristics of high temperature resistance (able to withstand temperatures exceeding 350 ℃), corrosion resistance, lightning resistance, and long lifespan, making them suitable for various complex, harmful, or harsh environments;

5) Fiber optic has the characteristics of resistance to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference, making it suitable for high-voltage equipment;

6) Fiber optic has the characteristics of no static electricity and no radiation, and does not generate electric sparks, making it suitable for flammable environments;

7) The fiber optic itself is lightweight and flexible, and the volume and weight of the fiber optic sensor are small. It is not only convenient for deployment and installation, but also has little impact on the material properties and mechanical parameters of the buried parts, which can achieve non-destructive burial

Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensor

Fiber optic grating temperature sensors can have a transmission distance of up to hundreds of kilometers, fast response speed, are not affected by the environment, and have strong anti-interference ability (not affected by electromagnetic interference).
The weakness of electricity lies in the limitation of transmission distance by circuit attenuation, limited transmission distance, slow response speed, susceptibility to environmental influences (such as air pressure, air humidity, water), susceptibility to electromagnetic fields, and the need for electrical energy to work.
Due to the fact that fiber optic grating temperature sensing does not require electricity, does not generate heat or sparks, fiber optic grating temperature sensing can be used in fields such as petroleum, chemical, coal (security and leak detection), while traditional electrical sensing cannot.

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors and measurement systems have the characteristics of anti electromagnetic interference, high-voltage insulation, stability and reliability, high precision, high sensitivity, small size, long service life, corrosion resistance, and good adaptability,
Very suitable for real-time temperature monitoring and control in fields such as power, medical, petrochemical, industrial microwave, food safety, scientific research, aerospace, military defense, etc.
Anti electromagnetic interference
High voltage insulation
High precision and sensitivity
High pressure and corrosion resistance
Remote monitoring is possible
Long lifespan
Able to work in harsh environments with good adaptability



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