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Fiber optic temperature sensing system based on fluorescence lifetime for monitoring high-voltage switchgear

FJINNO provides ABB Siemens Schneider Huapeng Daquan Special Transformation Xuji Electrical Switch Cabinet Temperature Measurement Solution, High Voltage Switch Cabinet Temperature Measurement System. Fluorescent Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement is the best temperature measurement method to replace wireless temperature measurement. The 6-point/9/12 point fluorescence temperature measurement device in the switch cabinet is more suitable for temperature measurement of hidden hotspots such as contacts/busbars/incoming/outgoing lines inside the high voltage switch cabinet than the wireless temperature measurement sensor in the switch cabinet. Please contact us for installation diagrams of the 9-point temperature measurement points in the switch cabinet.

Why does high voltage switchgear hotspot require temperature monitoring

High voltage switchgear, as an important equipment in power plants and substations, plays a role in closing and disconnecting power lines. It is used to transmit and exchange power loads, as well as exit faulty equipment and line segments from the power system, to ensure the safe operation of the power system. During the long-term operation of high-voltage switchgear, the contacts and busbar connections in the switchgear generate heat due to aging and excessive contact resistance, and the temperature of these heating parts cannot be monitored, which can easily lead to fire accidents. In recent years, multiple incidents of switchgear overheating have occurred in power plants and substations, resulting in fires and widespread power outages. Therefore, for fully enclosed high-voltage switchgear, detecting and monitoring the working temperature of high-voltage switch contacts and busbar connections, early detection and elimination of thermal fault hazards, is of great significance for the safe and reliable operation of the power system.

Fiber optic temperature measurement method for high-voltage switchgear

The connection between high-voltage switch contacts and busbar bars is located in high voltage, high temperature, high magnetic field, and extremely strong electromagnetic interference environments. Traditional temperature measuring instruments such as thermocouples and infrared thermometers are susceptible to interference and influence from these factors, making it impossible to directly contact these positions
By measuring, it is impossible to truly obtain the true working status of the high-voltage switchgear, resulting in local overheating inside the equipment but still operating with defects.

Fiber optic sensing is particularly suitable for various large electromechanical, petrochemical, mining and other harsh environments with strong electromagnetic interference and flammable and explosive properties due to its advantages such as resistance to electromagnetic interference, electrical insulation, small size, corrosion resistance, and intrinsic safety. FJINNO provides a fiber optic temperature sensing system based on fluorescence lifetime. Numerous customers have proven that fluorescence temperature measurement systems have reliable and stable performance in temperature measurement of high-voltage switch contacts, convenient installation, excellent economic benefits, and excellent promotional application value in other fields. The fiber optic temperature measurement system has good electrical insulation and electromagnetic interference resistance, and the size of the temperature measurement components is small. The entire system structure is simple, the cost is low, and it can be suitable for most applications.



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