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The composition and function of interval temperature sensing fiber optic system

With the development of technology, temperature sensing fiber optic systems have been adopted by rail transit in many cities due to their high utilization and scalability.

Overview of Temperature Sensing Fiber Optic System Composition

The temperature sensing fiber optic detection system mainly consists of fiber optic sensors (i.e. temperature sensing optical cables), temperature sensing optical cable controllers (temperature measurement hosts), fiber optic temperature measurement software, fiber optic connectors, etc.

The fiber optic sensor of temperature sensing fiber optic is composed of quartz glass fiber optic, with an outer layer of metal sheath, which can effectively resist chemical corrosion and buffer mechanical impact, and can work under extremely harsh conditions. Temperature sensing fiber optic cable controller (temperature measurement host). The temperature sensing fiber optic cable controller consists of an optical frequency generator, switching power supply, microprocessor, network interface, etc. Used for photoelectric conversion and information processing to monitor fire information and sensor fault information. The controller has multiple interface forms such as Ethernet and hard wire to connect with other systems. Fiber optic temperature measurement software. The fiber optic temperature measurement software is installed on the temperature sensing fiber optic cable controller. Implement the control, signal processing, display, storage, and printing of the system, as well as the implementation of external interfaces and other extended functions.

Overview of Temperature Sensing Fiber Optic System Functions

1. Real time monitoring function. Capable of comprehensive, continuous, dynamic, real-time, and online monitoring of fire and temperature conditions of the tested object, and accurately locating and providing various alarms.

2. Intelligent fault analysis. Can quickly judge and analyze the normal temperature, abnormal temperature, and fire temperature of the tested object, accurately and timely determine the type of accident of the tested object (such as temperature abnormality, fire, and frost), and display the temperature/area/location of the accident point.

3. Data processing function. Capable of statistics, saving, querying, printing, and copying different types of data. The data types include first level pre alarm data, second level pre alarm data, accident alarm data, abnormal temperature data, normal temperature data, daily/monthly/annual average temperature data, fire analysis data, etc. for each point (1 meter per point) within the entire tested range.

4. Has information management functions. The temperature sensing fiber optic fire alarm system can provide real-time display of the temperature distribution map of the temperature sensing fiber optic in the entire subway tunnel, making the temperature distribution clear to operators at a glance.

5. The temperature, alarm, and system fault information of the entire section tunnel can be uploaded to the control center through the network interface with the integrated monitoring system, and displayed on the integrated monitoring workstation.



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