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How to measure temperature in the power grid

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Why does the power grid need temperature measurement
In the power system, power grid equipment is an indispensable part. To ensure the normal operation of power grid equipment, it is necessary for power grid monitoring personnel to measure and record the real-time status of the power grid. According to statistics, various electrical equipment faults in transmission lines are closely related to their heating. At present, the intelligent temperature measurement devices for power grid equipment mostly use external power sources. The intelligent temperature measurement devices for power grid equipment are connected to the power supply through lines. However, the lines will age over time, and monitoring personnel need to pay attention to the use of external circuits to prevent the aging of the intelligent temperature measurement devices for power grid equipment from causing power outages and inability to work. Moreover, the high installation height of the power grid poses certain difficulties for the installation of intelligent temperature measurement devices for power grid equipment. Due to the limited measurement range, multiple sets of devices are required to cooperate with measurement to ensure the accuracy of measurement data. Sometimes, drones are even needed to assist in temperature measurement, which increases the difficulty and cost of temperature measurement.

Disadvantages of infrared temperature measurement in switchgear

According to the requirements of the State Grid Corporation of China’s distribution network maintenance system, the infrared temperature measurement cycle for switchgear is one quarter, and it is difficult to detect each cable head in place during the first quarter. At present, infrared temperature measurement is mainly used for cable terminal heads. Due to the large number of distribution network cables and limited manpower. And a large number of them have a high load during off hours, so the temperature at the maximum load is not detected properly. Therefore, there is an urgent need to improve the current indoor cable terminal temperature measurement method, and develop an economical, manual free, or less manual intelligent temperature measurement method to achieve real-time monitoring of cable terminal heads and full coverage of temperature measurement points, ensuring the real-time, authenticity, and effectiveness of temperature measurement data; Reduce the on-site temperature measurement workload of frontline teams, reduce personnel workload and production costs, and improve work efficiency.

Traditional temperature measurement methods for power grids

1. Conventional temperature measurement methods.

The disadvantage of using conventional devices such as thermocouples, thermistors, and semiconductor temperature sensors to detect the temperature of power grid contacts is that they cannot be wireless and passive, require metal wires to transmit signals, cannot work independently and wirelessly, and insulation performance cannot be guaranteed.

2. Infrared temperature measurement method.

Infrared temperature measurement is a non-contact temperature measurement method, which is widely used in temperature detection of equipment such as substation sleeves, lightning arresters, and busbars. Its disadvantage is that the accuracy of indirectly obtaining temperature data through infrared spectra cannot meet the requirements. The level of computer recognition technology for infrared spectra cannot replace manual recognition, and the degree of automation is not high, which is not widely used.

3. Wireless temperature measurement method.

The wireless temperature measurement device is used to detect the temperature of the power grid junction. The power supply of the module is often a current induction power supply that obtains energy from the power line (if battery power is used, not only does it need to be replaced regularly, but the battery is also prone to false alarms in high temperature environments and battery feeding states, greatly affecting monitoring accuracy). The magnitude of the energy obtained by the power supply changes with the load of the power line, and the amplitude of the change is large. Therefore, the module often experiences insufficient power supply. In response to this problem, some people have proposed using batteries, reducing the power consumption of the temperature measurement device, and other methods. This method has problems such as the need to replace the battery regularly after consumption is complete, and it also brings about small wireless transmission power and electromagnetic interference from the surrounding environment, leading to errors in temperature measurement data transmission. Replacing the device battery requires a high-voltage switch. The cabinet stops supplying power, Unable to meet the working requirements for continuous operation of high-voltage switchgear.

Fiber optic temperature measurement in power grid

The most suitable temperature measurement method for common high-voltage equipment such as switchgear, circuit breakers, and transformers is fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement. Compared with traditional sensors, fiber optic sensors have obvious advantages. Fiber optic sensors use light as the carrier of sensitive information and fiber optic as the medium for transmitting sensitive information, which has the characteristics of fiber optic and optical measurement and a series of unique advantages. Good electrical insulation performance, strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, non invasiveness, high sensitivity, easy to achieve remote monitoring of the measured signal, corrosion resistance, explosion-proof, flexible optical path, and easy to connect with computers.

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