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How to install the alarm host of the distributed fiber optic vibration monitoring system

Fiber optic vibration monitoring system alarm hostWith the continuous exploration and development of fiber optic technology in the past decade, the fiber optic detection and alarm system using fiber optic sensing as the detection method has gradually matured and stabilized. Compared with traditional alarm detection technology, it has many advantages such as resistance to electromagnetic wave interference, wide applicability, high sensitivity, high concealment, and strong anti-interference ability. It has been applied to the security and prevention systems of airports, important warehouses, prisons, finance, and high-end buildings.

Fiber optic vibration monitoring

Traditional security technologies mainly include infrared targeting, laser detection, electrostatic induction, etc., all of which have the disadvantages of poor system stability, installation limitations, and high false alarm and false alarm rates.
Video surveillance, as a very popular monitoring method at present, although it can monitor and collect evidence for intrusions, it has the disadvantages of high false alarm rate and requiring staff to be on duty 24 hours a day. Fiber optic fence perimeter intrusion detection equipment uses fiber optic sensors as a new type of security measure for intrusion detection, which has many advantages such as full passive, anti electromagnetic interference, good insulation resistance, good concealment, and the ability to achieve large-scale detection.

The fiber optic vibration monitoring system solution integrates multiple security subsystems such as electronic fence perimeter alarm system, video, access control, lighting, etc. The system operates independently and has openness and compatibility; Multi system linkage. When someone invades the defense zone, the lighting, alarm, video and other related systems are activated simultaneously, and the control center synchronously links the alarm printer and electronic map. The overall response time is about 2 seconds; Platform based management. This plan constructs a unified security comprehensive management platform and utilizes comprehensive platform software to achieve centralized management of multiple systems. The detection fiber optic has no external signal radiation, no electromagnetic leakage, and is not affected by external electromagnetic interference.


The alarm host of the fiber optic vibration monitoring system is powerful and has a mandatory CcC certification report. It can control 512 defense zones and can divide all defense zones into 8 subsystems for independent control. The LCD screen control keyboard of the alarm host is easy to operate. It can be linked with sound and light alarms, alarm printers, electronic maps, and videos.

The fiber optic vibration alarm host monitors the presence of external disturbances by utilizing the changes in light intensity received by sensors, converts the received optical signals into photoelectric signals, and performs pattern recognition through digital signal processing. The processed data is processed according to the selected mode, and intrusion judgment is performed. When the intrusion conditions are met, a linkage alarm is carried out to achieve fiber optic vibration anti intrusion warning. Therefore, when there is external disturbance, effective early warning can be carried out, solving the problems of manual intervention and high false alarm rate in existing early warning systems, achieving high automation and low false alarm rate. The fiber optic vibration host can achieve higher accuracy by pattern matching based on signals. When the intrusion conditions are met, a linkage alarm is triggered, and multiple methods of simultaneous alarm are achieved through TCP alarm message push, UDP alarm message push, and SMS message push. This compensates for the shortcomings of a single alarm method and prevents staff from missing information during alarm checking, effectively ensuring the reliability of system operation and reducing the probability of failure.

Installation method of fiber optic vibration alarm detector
The detector is installed at the partition of the fence (marked in the on-site survey drawings), and the optimal installation height is 1.4m from the ground at the bottom of the detector’s rain box (this height is derived from the height of the lamp switch box in the strong current embedded project, which is convenient for maintenance operations). The rain box is fixed to the wall with expansion bolts, and the detector is hung on the panel of the rain box, and the detector is well connected to the grounding pile.

Installation method of terminal box for fiber optic vibration monitoring system
The terminal box can be fixed on the pillar or iron mesh at the connection point of the iron mesh, about 1.5m from the ground. To avoid false alarms caused by loose installation of terminal boxes, sturdy and sturdy pillars or tightly pulled iron nets should be selected as installation points. During installation, fastening fixtures can be used for fixation, or binding wires can be used for fixation. However, regardless of the method used, the terminal box must be tightly and reliably fixed on the medium.

Installation method of ferroelectric medium for fiber optic vibration monitoring system:
When laying optical cables on iron, due to the hardness of the iron, the number of sensing optical cables should be increased to ensure reliable detection of intrusion signals. By analyzing the characteristics of intruders crossing the fence, it is recommended to lay a sensing optical cable along the horizontal iron railing at the top, middle, and bottom of the iron fence. In the iron fence, some iron railings will be installed on the pillars. If the area of the pillars is not large, the optical cable can be laid directly over the pillars. However, some pillars have a large cross-section and are easy for intruders to use to enter this area. Therefore, such areas must be protected. An iron mesh can be installed at the top of the pillar, and when laying optical cables, the sensing optical cable can be laid onto the iron mesh.



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