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temperature measurement using fiber optic sensor High voltage power equipment

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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device Distributed fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system

In the era of booming power grid development and urgent demand for power equipment, fluorescent fiber optic sensing technology has become possible for real-time temperature monitoring and control in strong electric and magnetic field environments.

For the temperature measurement system of large motor bearings and rotors/stators, the use of fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensing technology has characteristics such as long-term reliability, stability, long service life, intrinsic safety, high-voltage insulation, and resistance to electromagnetic interference. It completely compensates for the shortcomings of traditional platinum resistance temperature measurement technology, eliminates false alarms and omissions, and the fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system does not need to be replaced or calibrated for a long time.

Embedding fiber optic temperature sensors inside high-voltage equipment such as transformers to directly monitor and monitor the temperature of internal hotspots in windings is currently a development trend. From a safety perspective, the hot spot temperature should not exceed the maximum temperature allowed by the insulation medium’s heat resistance level to prevent accidents caused by insulation performance degradation and breakdown.

From the perspective of the operational efficiency of power transmission and transformation equipment, after the transformer is equipped with a stable and reliable temperature control system, the load capacity of the equipment can be fully utilized within a reasonable range based on the parameters provided by the system, and the insulation life can be improved, thereby improving the economic operation efficiency of the equipment.

The fluorescence fiber optic sensor temperature measurement system is specifically designed for temperature monitoring and monitoring applications in high-voltage electrical equipment. It adopts pure optical principle sensors and optical signal transmission channels, which are naturally immune to electromagnetic interference. The sensor size is small, reliable and stable, and easy to install inside narrow high-voltage equipment. It fundamentally solves the defects of wireless temperature measurement, platinum resistance temperature measurement, and infrared temperature measurement systems. The material that makes up the fiber optic sensor temperature measurement probe has excellent insulation, chemical, and mechanical properties, making it particularly suitable for application in high-voltage environments and will not have a negative impact on cable systems. Fluorescent fiber optic sensors can provide more accurate and reliable hot spot temperature values for monitoring systems, enabling designers to accurately grasp the impact of temperature on equipment and accurately control risks within a safe range.

The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system independently developed by FJINNO can use fiber optic sensors for temperature measurement in dry-type transformers and oil-immersed transformers. In cooperation with TBEA, temperature sensors have been successfully applied in multiple large transformers, and it has been working well so far, becoming a leading manufacturer of transformer temperature measurement equipment in the country. The technological maturity and productization level of fiber optic temperature measurement systems have significantly improved compared to other traditional temperature measurement instrument manufacturers. Fiber optic sensor temperature measurement technology has been widely applied in high-voltage electrical temperature monitoring, which is already very mature.




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