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Distributed fiber optic sensors not only have the advantages of small size, high temperature resistance, and electromagnetic interference that ordinary sensors have, but also have the advantages of one fiber optic cable replacing thousands of sensors and obtaining temperature and strain data within a range of tens of kilometers in one measurement.

At present, optical fibers with stable signal transmission, large signal volume, and long transmission distance are mainly used in the following fields in security monitoring systems:
1. Monitoring and management of transportation industries such as urban roads, highways, railways, and transportation;
2. Monitoring of large square communities, buildings, and tourist attractions;
3. Monitoring, control, and management of industrial production processes;
4. Implement visual command and monitoring in military training and exercise venues;
5. Implement safety, anti-theft, and fire monitoring and alarm for departments such as factories, coal mines, and petroleum;

Perimeter security monitoring system

Important facilities such as military bases, nuclear power plants, and border lines are usually located in areas with harsh environments and complex climate conditions; At the same time, the perimeter security level of these facilities is relatively high, and the requirements are strict. Moreover, the infrastructure of these facilities is poor, and there is even no outdoor power supply conditions, which puts higher requirements on the perimeter security system and is also a challenge. Conventional perimeter security equipment and methods are difficult to adapt to this environment.

The fiber optic perimeter security monitoring system independently developed by FJINNO is an outdoor passive monitoring system. The monitoring host can be installed in the monitoring room, and the vibration information received by the sensing fiber optic cable can be transmitted to the monitoring center through guiding the fiber optic cable. All outdoor equipment is passive components and does not require outdoor power supply, which can provide effective perimeter security monitoring.

Pipeline safety monitoring system

For a long time, pipeline safety monitoring has been a difficult and complex task. Television often reports that a pipeline in a certain area has been damaged due to improper construction, causing significant pollution and economic losses, and even resulting in a large number of casualties. The conventional detection method is to send personnel to patrol along the pipeline, and some traditional monitoring methods are also used. However, practice has shown that the effect is limited, and the original detection and detection technology is not very reliable. The pipeline safety monitoring system can effectively solve the above problems by burying sensing optical cables along the pipeline, sensing the vibration around the pipeline through optical fibers, and transmitting this information to the monitoring host for analysis and judgment, eliminating general interference, and ultimately generating an alarm to inform the on duty personnel of the area where the pipeline accident occurred. This system is particularly suitable for safety monitoring of petroleum pipelines in chemical plants and large oil depots, as well as safety monitoring of natural gas pipelines, power pipelines, and drinking water pipelines in large community municipal facilities.

State Grid Power Equipment Fiber Optic Cable Safety Monitoring System

Backbone optical cables are the foundation and important channel of modern communication. The safety of optical cable operation and information content is related to the national economy and security. Therefore, the safety monitoring of backbone optical cables is very important. Although the sensing optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) can detect optical fibers, it also has limitations, such as blind spots and inability to perform real-time monitoring. Especially through high-tech means, information transmitted through optical fibers can be stolen without breaking them, which traditional monitoring methods cannot detect. The backbone fiber optic cable security monitoring system monitors the entire fiber optic cable by connecting the fiber optic cables in the vertical shaft. When illegal elements attempt to steal information inside the optical cable and touch it, the system immediately generates an alarm, which can effectively ensure the information security of the backbone optical cable. This system is particularly suitable for monitoring the security of backbone optical cables in government buildings, military agencies, banks, as well as confidential and communication departments.



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