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Distributed fiber optic perimeter security monitoring system/Distributed Fiber Optic/

Distributed fiber optic vibration monitoring system

Measure distance:0-40KM
Sampling interval:1 meter (Customizable)
Positioning Accuracy :1 meter (Customizable)
Alarm judgment:Excavation, construction damage, vibration, cable contact, breakpoints
Single machine weight :12.5kg
Size (WxHxD):484×177×454mm
Communication interface:RS485、RS232、Ethernet、USB
Fiber type:Single mode and multi-mode optional
Laser radiation level:1 meter

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Application of distributed fiber optic vibration monitoring system products (including but not limited to the following fields):

Monitoring and warning of illegal excavation of oil and gas pipelines and thermal power pipelines;

Key area security such as petroleum and petrochemical security, airport security, border line security, prison security, and substation security;

Fiber optic breakpoint monitoring and integrated pipe gallery intrusion monitoring.


Advantages of Distributed Fiber Optic Vibration Monitoring System Products:

Long measurement distance: The distributed fiber optic vibration monitoring system measures a long distance, with a detection distance of up to 40km;

Accurate positioning: Accurately locate intrusion and leakage points, and display them directly on the software interface;

Continuous distributed measurement: can achieve simultaneous monitoring of multiple points and events without affecting each other;

High sensitivity and rapid response: The fiber optic vibration monitoring system responds quickly to the tested area with extremely low false alarm rates;

System stability: It can be used in hazardous and harsh environments, and undergoes strict quality monitoring and simulated environmental testing before leaving the factory to confirm its adaptability to various harsh environments;

Strong anti-interference ability: The electromagnetic insulation of optical fibers is excellent, not affected by electromagnetic interference, essential lightning protection, and not affected by lightning strikes;

Intrinsic safety and reliability: The optical fiber used in the system will not generate electrical sparks, and the power transmitted in the optical fiber is strictly controlled, which will not cause any danger;

Simple construction and easy maintenance: The optical fiber used in the fiber optic vibration monitoring system has good compressive and tensile strength, making construction convenient and simple, and is not prone to problems during use;

Intelligent monitoring: Highly intelligent, capable of achieving long-term unmanned monitoring;

Open design: The fiber optic monitoring system can be integrated into other systems on site, facilitating unified data management and on-site control.

Software functions of distributed fiber optic vibration monitoring system:

Visual alarm display: Provides a visual display interface that maps the fiber optic position to the image through a graphical configuration module. Once an intrusion accident occurs at a certain point, the alarm information is directly displayed on the image, making it visually intuitive;

Vibration curve display: The system can display the real-time distribution curve of the vibration signal of the entire optical cable. When the vibration signal strain at a certain location is abnormal, the real-time information at that location can be displayed through the curve;

Partition/Hierarchical Event Alarm: Provides multiple flexible alarm methods, and alarm parameters can be set in different levels and regions;

Historical statistical analysis provides statistical analysis functions for historical vibration data, including:

a. Vibration distribution curve of optical cable at different positions at a certain moment

b. Vibration variation curve of optical cable at a certain point during a certain period of time

Intelligent pattern recognition: The system can obtain information such as the time, location, and trend of vibration events. By analyzing vibration waveforms and extracting characteristic signals, combined with big data, machine learning, and neural network recognition algorithms, the type of vibration event can be determined, and intrusion events can be warned in advance to ensure operational safety.

Fiber optic perimeter security comprehensive monitoring system

Fiber optic perimeter security comprehensive monitoring system

A complete fiber optic perimeter security alarm system mainly includes: anti fence crossing monitoring system, anti fence crossing system, anti entry restricted area and underground deep excavation monitoring system. Each system can be used independently or in combination, depending on actual requirements. When necessary, auxiliary facilities such as video cameras, loudspeakers, and communication systems can be linked, and each sub module can be combined with the fiber optic perimeter security main system to achieve zero false alarms, no missed alarms, and timely response to alarms.
The video monitoring subsystem, sound and light alarm system, and other alarm subsystems are linked with the fiber optic perimeter security alarm system. Once an intrusion alarm occurs, the sound and light alarm system will automatically issue an sound and light alarm warning, and the video camera will automatically switch to the intrusion point for image capture. At the same time, the recording storage will be activated, prompting security personnel to make the next processing plan.





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