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distributed fiber optic temperature sensor Long measurement distance

After more than ten years of development, distributed fiber optic temperature measurement devices have been widely used in fields that require temperature measurement, fire alarm, and energy conservation and emission reduction, such as power cable tunnels, comprehensive pipe galleries, coal industry, and data centers, due to their advantages of long measurement distance, high accuracy, no measurement blind spots, and strong resistance to electromagnetic interference.

The distributed fiber optic temperature measurement device is made using the spontaneous Raman scattering effect. Its anti Stokes signal is temperature sensitive, while the Stokes signal is temperature insensitive. The temperature values at each point along the fiber optic can be calculated using its ratio of light intensity, and precise positioning can be achieved using its Rayleigh scattering technology. Therefore, its spatial resolution and temperature measurement accuracy are important characterization parameters.

Real time performance: The system monitors the temperature of the test area in real-time for 7 × 24 hours, timely detects and locates temperature anomalies, and achieves early warning

Distributed: The system is a distributed temperature measurement system that provides continuous dynamic monitoring signals, allowing real-time measurement of temperature changes at various points every 1 meter of the monitored object

Progressiveness: The optical fiber itself is not only used for signal transmission, but also for temperature detection, that is, communication and sensing integration. By using different outer sheath materials, the system can adapt to various environments • Accuracy: the temperature measurement accuracy of the system is ± 0.5 ℃ (5km), and the positioning accuracy is 1m

Flexibility: Various functional settings are implemented by the application software on the system host, and multi-level temperature alarms can be set, and can be adjusted according to different environments; Each alarm zone can be individually programmed and designed according to user requirements

Scalability: The system can simultaneously measure multiple optical fibers. According to actual needs, multiple devices can be selected, with 1, 2, and 4 channels available for selection

Compatibility: The system supports Ethernet port and RS232 interface, providing partition, temperature, and alarm information to end user control systems (such as tablet PCs)

Long lifespan: Armored temperature sensing cables can last up to 25 years without being damaged by external forces

Easy to use: The system provides a visual interface, which is simple and concise, and will not bring additional management costs to customers

Intrinsic safety: The system has the characteristics of intrinsic safety, explosion-proof, anti strong electromagnetic interference, and lightning protection

The system has a wide range of applications: power plants, transmission and distribution grids, high-rise buildings, large shopping malls, warehouses, teaching buildings, residential areas, subways and other public places



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