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Temperature measurement for large generators, stator windings, and stator cores

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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement, stator winding temperature measurement, and stator core temperature measurement for large generators

Due to the fact that the main heating parts of the stator of a hydroelectric generator are located in various parts of the inner iron core of the stator, when the stator voltage is too high, the iron loss increases; Or as the load current increases, the copper loss in the stator winding increases; Or if the power factor decreases, the rotor’s previous current increases; Or factors such as unbalanced three-phase load current may cause an increase in stator temperature. When the temperature rises too quickly or reaches the warning value, if no corresponding measures are taken immediately, it will reduce the insulation performance of the insulation layer wrapped in the stator core or cause insulation breakdown, which is prone to problems and lead to malignant power outages. Therefore, real-time monitoring of the stator temperature of hydroelectric generators is essential. As the main equipment of a power plant, the health condition of the generator is of great significance for the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the unit. In the types of faults in the generator body, overheating faults caused by overload operation, cooling system blockage, water interruption, etc. can cause a rapid increase in stator winding temperature, damage insulation parts and conductors, cause faults in the generator and its connected electrical equipment, and have an impact on the power grid. In addition, generator failures require a long maintenance cycle and extremely high maintenance costs. If not detected and dealt with early, it will bring great hidden dangers.

The stator temperature sensor is responsible for measuring the actual temperature of the stator winding of the motor. Due to the large current flowing through the stator of the motor during operation, the heating of the stator is very severe, and the temperature rises rapidly. The sensor is arranged inside the stator winding to measure the actual temperature of the stator winding in real time. However, once the stator overheats, the entire motor control system will be very dangerous, and the motor may be burned out and cause serious accidents. Therefore, stator temperature sensors are very important in motor control systems. Once the stator temperature sensor malfunctions, the motor control system must take corresponding emergency measures to protect the entire motor system. With the continuous improvement of national requirements for power safety, the operating temperature of generator sets, as an important indicator of safe operation of generator sets, has become particularly important. Among them, the stator operating temperature of the generator set is the most important non electrical quantity monitoring parameter of the generator, which is directly related to the safe and stable operation of the generator set and the working life of the generator set.

In the generator stator temperature monitoring system, by simultaneously monitoring the temperature of the stator coil, stator iron core, and stator air outlet of the generator, it can also facilitate relevant personnel to determine the fault location of the generator, thereby improving the management efficiency of the staff. The generator stator and rotor fiber optic temperature measurement system includes a power station backend control system, unit status monitoring screen, stator system signal regulator, stator fiber optic probe, rotor system signal regulator, rotor fiber optic probe, rotor slip ring, industrial computer, relay device, communication conversion module, photoelectric conversion module, wireless transmitter, wireless receiver, wireless transmitter power supply, wireless receiver power supply, VGA transmitter, VGA receiver. The fiber optic temperature measurement system for generator stator and rotor can resist electromagnetic interference, be safe, withstand high voltage, chemical corrosion, high temperature, aging, and has small size, high sensitivity, fast response speed, low energy consumption, and high accuracy. Therefore, they are widely used in strong electric and magnetic field environments. After being applied to generator sets, it can accurately measure the real-time temperature of the stator and rotor of the generator set online, which helps to understand and evaluate the technical performance of the generator and ensure the safety of large and medium-sized generators.




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