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Which six points does the high-voltage cabinet six point temperature measurement refer to

The specific location of the six point temperature measurement for high-voltage switchgear

Three upper static contacts

3 lower static contacts

3 incoming contacts

3 outgoing contacts

3 points on the busbar

Usually, 6 points are selected from these positions, depending on which points the customer needs.

Six point fiber optic temperature measurement for high-voltage switchgear

During long-term operation, high-voltage equipment such as high-voltage switchgear is prone to surface oxidation, loose bolts, aging of contacts and busbar connections, resulting in excessive temperature rise and serious accidents. Many places have experienced switchgear explosions. The fiber optic temperature online monitoring system for switchgear plays an important role in high-voltage switches or other high-voltage equipment. For a long time, it has been difficult to accurately monitor the temperature of the joints of high-voltage equipment because the positions of these switchgear are exposed to high voltage, and traditional temperature measurement methods cannot solve the problem of high-voltage insulation, leading to their inability to be used. The fiber optic temperature device used for temperature measurement of high-voltage equipment has become a necessary six point temperature measurement method for switchgear. Conventional temperature measurement methods such as thermocouple temperature measurement, thermal resistance temperature measurement, and semiconductor temperature sensors require metal wires to transmit signals, and the insulation is not satisfactory, which cannot meet the needs of switchgear manufacturers. The wireless temperature measurement device for high-voltage switchgear also has many drawbacks. The fixing method for wireless temperature measurement is mostly adhesive bonding and bottom screw fixation, which has many problems and loopholes and can easily affect people’s use. Moreover, the wireless temperature measurement device for high-voltage switchgear does not have warning and other warning devices, making it difficult for manufacturers to be aware of the occurrence of temperature rise problems in the switchgear in the first time, which can easily lead to safety accidents. This far from meeting the current requirements of people for this product.

The high-voltage cabinet is a crucial electrical equipment in the entire operation process of the power engineering power grid. Its key functions include power generation, transmission and distribution, distribution equipment, electromagnetic energy conversion, and conduction, operation, or maintenance during consumption. Therefore, the high-voltage cabinet plays a crucial role in the operation of the power engineering power grid. To ensure the normal operation of all electrical equipment inside the high-voltage cabinet, temperature detection must be carried out on various electrical equipment, especially in the temperature of isolation switches and circuit breakers. At present, temperature detection is usually carried out manually, and the key is to conduct individual temperature checks and records of the isolation switch circuit breaker based on the infrared thermometer held by the power engineering worker. Then, the recorded results are statistically analyzed and converted into a curve chart, and the temperature transition situation is further analyzed based on the curve chart. The use of manual services for temperature detection has the following drawbacks: 1. Due to a large number of test cases and a shortage of testing engineers, the progress of the detection is delayed; 2. The inspection work occupies a lot of time and energy for operation and maintenance management personnel, resulting in a relative shortage of personnel in power grid accidents, switching operations, and other temporary work, time conflicts, and scattered vitality. It is very easy to cause untimely inspection of machinery and equipment or lack of concentration in switching operations, reducing costs and improving work quality, and creating hidden safety risks in the safe operation of the power grid.



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