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How to choose temperature sensors from fiber optic temperature measurement manufacturers

Fiber optic grating accelerometers are mainly used for low-frequency vibration monitoring in environments such as bridges, dams, and large structures. The response and acquisition speed of fiber optic grating accelerometers are extremely fast, which can reflect the working and health status of the tested structure in real time. A single sensor is a one-dimensional directional accelerometer, which can be combined into a multidimensional accelerometer through a three-dimensional bracket. The sensor needs to be connected to a high-speed fiber Bragg grating demodulator with a sampling frequency of over 100Hz in order to measure accurately.

The characteristics of fiber optic grating accelerometer:

1. Wide applicability

Suitable for low-frequency vibration monitoring in environments such as bridges, dams, large structures, and equipment;

2. Stable sensor technology

High sensitivity, greater than pm/m.s-2; Good low-frequency response characteristics, 1-40Hz;

3. Security of fiber optic sensors

Intrinsic safety, no need for power supply; Anti electromagnetic interference and anti radiation; Corrosion resistance; Good stability;

4. System universality

Long service life, simple installation, and reusable;

5. Sensors have a long detection distance

Long transmission distance, tens of kilometers;


An accelerometer is a sensor that senses the instantaneous acceleration state of a moving carrier, and the measurement of acceleration is an important topic in engineering technology. When the motion carrier has acceleration, various devices inside the carrier will be subjected to force. Especially for the measurement of spatial positions such as airplanes, rockets, ships, ships, satellites, etc., the real-time spatial position of the carrier can be calculated by integrating acceleration detection with initial position information.



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