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The working principle of temperature measurement cables

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The working principle of temperature measurement cables

A temperature measurement cable is a cable that can monitor temperature changes in real time, measure the amplitude of temperature changes over time, and the monitored temperature is the highest temperature in the entire measured area. Temperature measurement cables can be connected with corresponding supporting equipment to achieve computer remote monitoring and measurement of multiple locations, large-scale temperature groups, and changes. They can be widely used in various storage industries, agriculture, mining, fisheries and other environments, operating equipment, preservation and other temperature monitoring and control system signal sensing systems. Generally, temperature measurement cables are composed of temperature sensors, wires, tensile steel wire ropes, and sheaths. Self temperature measuring cables are mainly used in densely populated hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and other scenarios. They have good fire resistance performance and can still ensure normal power supply in the event of a fire around the cable. Moreover, the cable produces almost no gas that poses a threat to human life during prolonged combustion; And the cable has a self temperature measurement function, which can give an alarm in advance when the cable temperature is abnormal, so as to evacuate people in a timely manner; It can accurately locate the location of temperature anomalies, promptly troubleshoot faults, avoid fires, and solve problems in existing technologies.

How to install temperature measurement cables

The widely used technologies in cable temperature measurement include thermocouple temperature measurement and fiber optic temperature measurement. The principle of thermocouple temperature measurement is that the resistance of the thermocouple changes with the temperature, in order to convert the temperature signal into an electrical signal and measure it. Thermocouple temperature measurement has a simple structure, low cost, and mature technology. However, due to the fact that thermocouples can only perform point type temperature measurement, they cannot monitor the temperature of the entire cable line online, so they have certain limitations. Fiber optic has the advantages of low cost, no electromagnetic interference, small size and light weight, high measurement accuracy, and easy installation. Distributed fiber optic temperature measurement technology can achieve long-term monitoring of logarithmic kilometers of power lines using a single fiber optic cable

Requirements for temperature measurement cable sensors

In intelligent temperature measurement cables, the wires include: wire core, inner shielding layer, insulating material, outer shielding layer, protective sleeve, and metal shielding layer; The wire core is made of copper or aluminum wire, and the inner shielding layer is composed of semiconductor material, which surrounds the surface of the wire core and has an equal potential with the wire core to prevent partial discharge between the wire core and insulation material. The insulation material is cross-linked polyethylene, which surrounds the outside of the wire core and inner shielding layer. The outer shielding layer is composed of semiconductor material, which surrounds the surface of the insulation material to prevent partial discharge between the insulation material and the protective sleeve. The metal shielding layer surrounds the outside of the protective sleeve to connect the leakage current to the grounding grid; Use non-woven fabric as the filling material; The fiber optic placement groove is set at the axis of the three core power cable. In the intelligent temperature measurement cable, the temperature measurement fiber is placed in the center of the fiber placement groove. The temperature measurement and storage at various points of the three core power cable have been achieved. The built-in optical fiber is used to eliminate external interference, and the optical fiber is installed in the center of the three core cable, improving the uniformity and accuracy of temperature measurement. At the same time, it has increased the service life of temperature measuring optical fibers. Provide implementation basis for power cable fault detection and current carrying capacity control

How much does a temperature measurement cable usually cost per meter

There are many prices for temperature measurement cables, and there are many manufacturers of cable temperature measurement devices with different technical capabilities. Please consult FJINNO for the latest quotation for temperature measurement cables.




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