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Manufacturer of arc protection and monitoring devices for 35kV and 10kV switchgear busbars and circuit breakers

Arc protection is installed in the 35kV and 10kV switchgear of the 110kV substation as a fast busbar protection for 35kV and 10kV busbar faults. When an arc short circuit occurs, the arc short circuit in the area covered by the arc sensing can be quickly located. The arc protection system quickly acts to cut off the faulty current, effectively suppressing the occurrence of damage accidents to the main transformer caused by 35kV and 10kV busbar and circuit breaker faults.

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The existing generator collector ring cannot detect temperature, operating conditions, and arc ignition during operation, or the detection equipment is single and occupies a large space. When the temperature of the equipment is too high, the operating part is normal, or an arc light ignites, the problem cannot be detected in a timely manner and measures cannot be taken, resulting in equipment failure and safety accidents.

The high-energy cumulative combustion effect of arc light poses a serious threat to the safe operation of power equipment. It is very important to quickly predict and protect the arc light. The current arc light protection method is based on monitoring the current and the current amount of arc light for linkage protection, without considering the trend and cumulative effect of arc light energy changes. When the detected amount meets the protection conditions, even when the current energy and arc light energy have not changed, the energy of arc light is still accumulating and increasing according to the cumulative effect. At this time, issuing a protection trip order has far lagged behind the development speed of arc light energy and delayed the rapid protection trip time. In severe cases, it may cause explosion accidents.

The arc short circuit fault inside the switchgear is a very serious fault in the distribution system, and its occurrence often leads to catastrophic consequences. The various fault arc effects generated by the huge energy released by the internal arc combustion seriously burn expensive switchgear and cause long-term power outages. More seriously, it can also cause personal injury accidents for nearby workers. Therefore, a safe and reliable switchgear protection device is of great significance for the safe and stable production of power enterprises.



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