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With the continuous development of economy and science and technology, the application of high-tech in security work has changed the traditional security system. Modern security systems require perimeter defense measures to be equipped, capable of real-time monitoring and precise positioning of events that threaten security, in order to invest efforts in ending crimes and timely controlling the occurrence of threatening events. The application environment not only involves residential areas such as schools, residential communities, and industrial parks, but also complex environments such as oil fields, power plants, and airports, especially important areas related to national security such as military areas, judicial prisons, and government agencies. Therefore, a safe and effective perimeter security monitoring system has become particularly important.

Perimeter security monitoring system

Security and monitoring systems not only play an important role in people’s daily lives, but also have obvious advantages in the application of protection in key areas such as banks, prisons, and border lines. The traditional reliance on manual inspection not only wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also has a small per capita monitoring range, making it difficult to achieve real-time monitoring. Infrared and laser targeting schemes are easily affected by natural climates such as high and low temperatures, rain, snow, and fog, and are also prone to being crossed or avoided. The sensing part of leakage cables or vibration cables is active, and the system power consumption is high. When the monitored range is large, the cost and maintenance cost of such systems themselves are high. A single video surveillance system also has many drawbacks, lacking a linkage mechanism, which can lead to missed detections.

Traditional perimeter security systems mainly include infrared monitoring perimeter security systems, electronic tension perimeter security systems, video monitoring perimeter security systems, and vibration cable perimeter security systems. Traditional security technologies have problems such as poor performance, high false alarm rates, susceptibility to lightning strikes, difficulty in installation and maintenance, poor anti-interference ability, limited monitoring distance, and high cost. As a new generation of security monitoring systems, fiber optic security monitoring systems use optical cables as carriers to continuously and real-time monitor various disturbances transmitted to the optical cables through direct contact with the optical cables or through carriers (such as soil cover, wire mesh, fences, etc.), and display the location of the interference source through electronic maps, thus realizing the system. Real time alarm. The system can effectively overcome the shortcomings of the current perimeter security system, and also has the characteristics of long monitoring distance, no electromagnetic radiation, strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, and relatively simple engineering construction. It is currently a relatively advanced technology and the main direction of development in the security market, with broad prospects and markets. Traditional perimeter security technologies mainly include active infrared radiation, microwave walls, vibration cables, tension cables, high-voltage pulse electronic fences, video alarm technology, etc. There are common problems such as short monitoring distance, high false alarm rate, poor environmental adaptability, and weak resistance to electromagnetic interference, which cannot fully meet people’s needs.

Intelligent Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Alarm System

The system not only includes fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection, but also integrates functions such as video surveillance and high pitched alarms, enabling both local monitoring and remote B/ S-mode access, forming a larger area of information exchange, and achieving a larger range of monitoring. The system not only saves a lot of manpower and resources, but also facilitates later maintenance, making it easy to upgrade and expand the system. The intelligent fiber optic security system has a simple structure, is resistant to electromagnetic interference, corrosion, and has good insulation performance. It can be applied in special environments such as flammable and explosive, strong electromagnetic interference, and harsh weather, and has broad application prospects and a wide range of applications.

In the fiber optic perimeter security system, as a new type of sensor, optical cables can monitor various external vibration signals. The layout structure and method of optical cables are particularly important for signal processing in the later stage.

Fiber optic perimeter security system is a new type of perimeter security system. Compared with traditional perimeter security technology, it has advantages such as passive, strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, long measurement distance, high positioning accuracy, and long service life. It uses optical fibers as sensing elements to detect external disturbances. When intrusion occurs, the system will immediately sound an alarm and locate the alarm position by tapping, climbing, stepping, touching, shaking, squeezing, and other methods to cause slight vibrations in the optical cable.

Fiber optic perimeter security uses fiber optic as the sensing medium and signal transmission channel, which has the advantages of passive, anti electromagnetic interference, high sensitivity, and is easy to deploy over long distances. It has a wide range of needs in the perimeter security field of important facilities, power stations, flammable and explosive material warehouses, military locations, and other areas. To accurately determine intrusion events on the perimeter, the perimeter security system must be able to detect dynamic signals on sensors in real time.

The main implementation principle of the fiber optic perimeter security system is to utilize the advantages of high sensitivity, low loss, and resistance to electromagnetic interference of fiber optic sensing technology. Based on the principle of fiber optic interference, real-time monitoring over long distances and large ranges is achieved. Pressure and vibration are detected through fiber optic (cable) front-end sensing equipment laid on the physical perimeter, generating detection signals. After data processing and intelligent recognition at the back-end, different actions are classified, such as climbing walls, digging isolation belts, cutting through protective nets, walking in prohibited areas, etc., to determine whether they are intrusion behaviors, and to achieve timely warning or real-time alarm of the fiber optic detection perimeter security system. The fiber optic detection perimeter security system has high sensitivity, is resistant to electromagnetic interference, and can be used in flammable and explosive places. It is not afraid of lightning strikes and flashes, and is convenient for outdoor installation and maintenance, meeting people’s requirements for security.



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