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Arc light monitoring of distribution network

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The distribution network is prone to generating various types of arc lights. FJINNO provides arc light protection monitoring for distribution cabinets and arc light monitoring systems for switchgear.

Power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, and consumption are the five important components of modern power systems; The distribution network directly connected to electricity users has significant importance in ensuring the overall power supply quality and reliability of the power system, which cannot be ignored; The distribution network mainly adopts overhead line wiring. Due to the short distance of overhead lines and the function of the distribution network itself, it needs to be connected to the interior of the city. Therefore, it is easy for the lines to fall on the surface of conductive media with high conductivity such as tree branches, soil, sand, and concrete ground, which can cause high resistance grounding faults. At the same time, intermittent arcs are often accompanied by them; Therefore, it is of great significance to detect the electromagnetic wave signal of arc light when grounding faults occur in distribution lines.

In high-altitude distribution networks, due to the thinner air compared to plain areas, the level of air insulation breakdown is lower, the arc distance is longer, and the duration is longer; During the process of arc light generation, the metal surface of the contact head experiences electron escape due to a single electron emission (thermal ion emission, field emission, or photoelectric emission), while gas atoms or molecules in the gap generate electrons and ions due to ionization (collision ionization, photoionization, and thermoelectric ionization), resulting in a large amount of electromagnetic waves generated around the arc light, with frequencies between 20k10MHz; Through arc detection, the electromagnetic wave characteristics of the arc can be detected in a timely manner, in order to determine the insulation defects of the distribution line wires, insulation porcelain bottles, etc., and to avoid sudden insulation breakdown accidents of equipment. This is of great significance for ensuring the safe and stable operation of the distribution network lines and the power grid




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