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The characteristics of the working principle of fiber optic perimeter security monitoring and early warning

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The fiber optic perimeter security early warning system, combined with the application technology of fiber optic sensors such as Rayleigh scattering, transmits signals to the host of the fiber optic alarm system by distributing the light in the fiber optic or fiber optic cables that need to be set up in the protective area, or by analyzing the environmental stress, induction, and analysis of load-bearing objects such as high walls and detention center fences. Through technical analysis, extraction, analysis, and intelligent behavior, it determines whether someone has climbed over the wall or crossed the fence, and realizes the alarm system warning or alarm. It can also link with controllers and other equipment to achieve all-round and different time monitoring.

FJINNO’s fiber optic alarm system has a high cost performance ratio, with a fiber optic perimeter security system that does not require the installation of power or signal lines. It uses one core fiber optic transmission technology and M-BUS communication. It has an audio review function and can directly call multiple cameras for video review. The construction is simple and maintenance free.

The fiber optic perimeter security system has stable performance, high system integration, simple construction, zero false alarms, maintenance free big data fusion technology, product modularization, and multifunctional integration, surpassing the single functional mode of other manufacturers. Fiber optic security, fiber optic security, self-developed brands, perimeter walls, widely used in various industries such as energy, tension electronic fence solutions, perimeter alarm manufacturers, vibration fiber optic, China’s professional leakage cable provider, perimeter walls, intrusion alarm fiber optic security manufacturers, independently developed and produced fiber optic security, providing solutions to expand the application of fiber optic security in education, transportation, energy, finance, military and other industries.

Fiber optic perimeter system, receiving praise from various monitoring manufacturers, fiber optic vibration perimeter alarm system, technological innovation, vibration fiber optic system has been used in oil pipelines, vibration fiber optic cable system with wind and rain prevention false alarms, factory perimeter fiber optic perimeter security system with multiple national patented technologies, extensive product research and development experience, data processing ideas, simple construction, maintenance free fiber optic perimeter security system applied to multiple prisons, detention centers, petroleum and petrochemical, airports, factories and other projects. OEM customization is possible

The vibration fiber optic cable perimeter alarm system uses ordinary communication fiber optic cables as vibration fiber optic sensors. The sensors are passive and will not produce electromagnetic interference or radiation, nor will they generate electric sparks. They are suitable for petroleum and petrochemical security, airport security, border line security, prison security, and substation security.
The maximum distance for each defense zone of the vibration fiber optic cable perimeter alarm system is several kilometers, and a vibration fiber optic cable perimeter protection system can reach multiple defense zones at most, suitable for large fiber optic perimeter alarm systems.
The cable laying method of the vibration fiber optic cable perimeter alarm system is very suitable for irregular boundaries.
The vibration fiber optic cable perimeter alarm system uses communication fiber optic cables as the vibration fiber optic fence, which will not produce electric shock effects like electronic fences and has high safety.
The vibration fiber optic cable perimeter alarm system has high alarm sensitivity and adjustable sensitivity. Not only suitable for hanging nets and burying walls, but also suitable for underground installation, with high concealment.

Working principle of fiber optic perimeter security

The vibration fiber optic cable alarm processing unit sends coherent mode laser to the sensing fiber optic cable, which is installed on the iron wire mesh or other perimeter fiber optic fences. When illegal intruders climb, climb or interrupt the iron wire mesh, it will cause vibration, which will change the transmission mode of light. Part of the characteristics of the transmitted light in the vibration fiber optic cable will change. After signal acquisition and analysis, the vibration fiber optic cable alarm processing unit can detect changes in the characteristics of the light (i.e. attenuation, phase, wavelength, polarization, mode field distribution, and propagation time). By analyzing the characteristics of the changing waveform through software, the true situation of the event can be distinguished, thereby achieving the effect of “intrusion pattern recognition”, issuing alarm signals, and realizing the fiber optic alarm function.

Characteristics of Fiber Optic Perimeter Security System Host

1. Measuring distance is far

2. Continuous distributed measurement

3. Quick response

4. Excellent stability

5. Highly intelligent, easy to achieve unmanned operation

6. High reliability and low cost

7. Intrinsic safety and reliability

8. Excellent electromagnetic insulation, not affected by electromagnetic interference, essential lightning protection

9. Simple construction and convenient maintenance

10. High tolerance for additional losses

11. No missed reports: can be used in dangerous and harsh environments or weather such as wind, rain, lightning, etc., with strong anti false alarm ability.

12. Flexibility: Adopting positioning principle and stress monitoring technology, the system has high resolution; The defense zone can be set arbitrarily through software without the need for reconstruction.




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