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Fiber optic sensor for transformer high-temperature hot spot temperature

Transformer temperature measurement optical fiber ST202JFA2U winding fluorescent optical fiber online temperature monitoring system

Traditional sensors based on electrical signals, such as thermocouples, are widely used in conventional power measurement due to their simple structure and low cost. However, in situations of strong electromagnetic interference or flammable and explosive materials, traditional sensors are subject to certain limitations. At present, the capillary winding thermometer commonly used in transformers also has a significant temperature accuracy deviation due to environmental influences, and its working principle is to convert the winding temperature by measuring the oil surface temperature and load current, which has its own lag in practical applications. With the upgrading of power system intelligence, it is necessary to monitor the operating status of transformers, especially temperature, as an important parameter in real-time and accurately in the intelligent status evaluation system. The conventional method of converting winding temperature through oil temperature can no longer meet the development of intelligence.

At present, with the rapid development of optoelectronic technology and the birth of fiber optic sensors, a new technological means for transformer temperature measurement has been provided. Compared with traditional electrical signal measurement sensors, fiber optic sensors have many advantages such as small size, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic interference resistance, high temperature resistance, and high voltage resistance, making them very suitable for monitoring hot spot temperatures inside power transformers. The temperature sensor based on fluorescent fiber optic is currently the most mature and widely used point type fiber optic temperature measurement product.

FJINNO’s fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system for electrical equipment can be used in 500KV transformer windings, and the fiber optic temperature sensor has been successfully applied in the online temperature monitoring system of the smart grid. Transformer manufacturers use temperature sensors based on fluorescence fiber optic sensing technology from FJINNOon their products.



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