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The composition of a temperature monitoring system using fiber optic sensors

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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system is a high-precision, long-distance temperature measurement technology used for real-time monitoring of temperature. The system utilizes the characteristics of fluorescent optical fibers to convert temperature changes into changes in fluorescence signals, thereby achieving accurate temperature measurement.

1. Light source and excitation system:

The light source is used to excite fluorescent substances in fluorescent optical fibers. Usually, laser light sources or LEDs are used as excitation sources to excite fluorescent fibers at specific wavelengths.

2. Fluorescent fiber optic:

This is the core component of the system, and fluorescent fibers contain fluorescent substances. Changes in temperature can cause fluorescent substances to emit fluorescence signals of different intensities or wavelengths. Fluorescent optical fibers can be single-mode or multi-mode.

3. Sensing head:

The sensing head is the part where the fluorescent fiber is in contact with the measured object. Through the sensing head, the fluorescent fiber can sense the temperature changes of the measured object. Sensor heads are usually designed in shapes and materials suitable for different application scenarios to ensure effective temperature sensing.

4. Fluorescence signal acquisition system:

This part of the equipment is used to capture the fluorescence signal emitted by the fluorescent fiber optic. The intensity or wavelength of fluorescence signals can vary with temperature, and through the acquisition system, fluorescence signals can be converted into electrical signals for processing.

5. Signal processing unit:

The signal processing unit is responsible for processing and analyzing the collected fluorescence signals. This may involve noise filtering, signal amplification, wavelength or intensity calibration, etc., in order to obtain accurate temperature data.

6. Data display and recording system:

The final temperature data can be displayed in digital or graphical form in the data display and recording system. Such systems typically include display screens, computer interfaces, or interfaces that can be integrated with other control systems.

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement systems are widely used in many industrial and scientific applications due to their high precision, high temperature resistance, and resistance to electromagnetic interference, such as power equipment monitoring, metallurgical furnace temperature measurement, and oil well temperature monitoring.

Product features
Advanced high-performance industrial grade microprocessors with strong data processing and information storage capabilities, high reliability, and fast running speed;
Humanized menu design, on-site debugging operation is simple, convenient, and fast,
Online real-time temperature measurement with high accuracy and strong real-time performance
Adopting advanced storage technology, setting parameters are not lost after power failure
Adopting wall mounted installation, easy to install and easy to disassemble
Equipped with over temperature alarm record query function, capable of querying 50 historical over temperature records
Real time transmission of data to the backend with RS485 communication function
Equipped with RJ45 network interface for uploading data to cloud platforms, apps, and local network communication
LoRa wireless long-distance data transmission to local backend without the need for on-site communication lines
Equipped with 2G/4G internet access function to achieve network data connection and integration with cloud platforms and apps

Functional configuration (optional)

Function Description
4G internet interface and Ethernet interface for internet access
Communication interface LoRa wireless communication
Fiber optic temperature measurement can be equipped with any number of temperature sensors from 1 to 12 channels




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