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Temperature monitoring system using fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors for switchgear

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors for switchgear can be widely used in high-voltage power cable equipment, and fiber optic temperature measurement products can be widely used in different temperature measurement environments.

The components inside the high-voltage switchgear will generate heat during operation, which affects the temperature rise during the operation of the switchgear, that is, the temperature rise of the switchgear. If the temperature of the switchgear exceeds the temperature rise standard, it will have a significant impact on the performance and service time of the insulation layer and other accessories of the switchgear. If the temperature of the switchgear operates for a long time above the temperature rise standard value, it will affect the insulation of the switchgear and cause insulation damage. So, during the operation of the switchgear, a temperature monitoring system for the switchgear should be installed to monitor the temperature in real-time and ensure that it does not exceed the standard.

The traditional temperature measurement methods used in switchgear, such as PT100 temperature measurement or infrared temperature measurement, have many drawbacks in monitoring the temperature of the contacts inside the high-voltage switchgear, such as insulation high voltage and temperature measurement accuracy issues. Manual temperature inspections can also lead to missed detections and temperature deviations. The fiber optic temperature online monitoring instrument uses fluorescent optical fibers for high-voltage isolation and transmission of temperature signals, completely solving the pain points of temperature monitoring for contact operation in high-voltage switchgear from practical applications.

The fluorescence fiber optic temperature online monitoring system has high stability and safety performance. The appropriate price of the thermometer allows power special equipment manufacturers to widely install it on each switchgear. The intelligent temperature monitoring system for switchgear is characterized by continuous and uninterrupted monitoring of the operating temperature of the contact nodes, busbar, incoming and outgoing lines, and conductive equipment inside the high-voltage switchgear. It allows the switchgear to timely sense the precise temperature of the joints during heating. When the temperature exceeds the upper limit, the temperature monitoring instrument sends an alarm indication to the upper computer display screen and connects to the background for temperature control operation.

Multi channel fiber optic temperature sensors such as 3-channel, 6-channel, and 12 channel are installed on different heating points inside the switchgear, such as static contacts. The display panel displays the different temperature values of each contact, and the temperature values can be transmitted to the upper computer through the RS-485 interface to achieve centralized monitoring and control of the switchgear temperature.

The advantage of fiber optic temperature online monitoring instrument is that it uses fiber optic to conduct temperature values, which is not affected by high voltage and environmental interference. The fiber optic temperature sensor carried by the fiber optic temperature monitoring instrument can directly contact the surface of the object that needs to be measured, quickly detecting the temperature value of the measured object. On the other hand, the infrared thermometer is a non-contact measurement, which is more susceptible to environmental and surrounding electromagnetic interference, and requires manual handheld instruments, making it impossible to achieve 24-hour temperature measurement. The fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor is directly installed on the contact of the switchgear, which can record the operating data of the switchgear temperature in real-time for a long time, providing reliable data support for the electrical maintenance of the switchgear and extending its service life.



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