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What temperature measurement system is used in mining power equipment to monitor fire alarms and firefighting

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Due to the special environment in mines and the threat of major safety hazards such as gas, permeability, and collapse, there is a high demand for the reliability of electrical equipment operation, timely positioning, warning, and repair of equipment failure points; In the consequences of electrical equipment failures, high temperatures and even fires pose a great threat to the mining environment. Therefore, it is of great significance to strive for timely and accurate monitoring of temperature changes in key equipment or parts before or just after a fire occurs, and to provide timely warnings for workers to handle it in a timely manner. This is of great significance for the safe operation and production of mines.

Fiber optic temperature measurement devices can serve as both a carrier for transmitting temperature parameters and a sensor for measuring temperature, thus achieving true distributed measurement. By collecting and processing optical signals through a wavelength division multiplexer and photodetector, the positioning of temperature measurement points can be achieved through broadcasting the propagation speed in the optical fiber and the time interval for backward reflection light callback.

The principle of obtaining positioning information through Raman scattering light is to use optical time-domain reflection technology to locate temperature points based on the transmission rate of the laser in the fiber and the echo time of the backscattered Raman light signal. Real time temperature and corresponding positioning information of battery cells can be obtained through Raman scattering light, achieving distributed measurement of fiber optic temperature field.

With the development of AC/DC transmission towards high voltage and large capacity, power grid companies have put forward higher requirements for the flow capacity of high-voltage electrical equipment. Users hope to use stable, reliable, and better comprehensive performance products. Electrical equipment has strict requirements for operating temperature. Due to electrical equipment short circuits and other reasons, equipment operates at an excessive temperature, resulting in a large number of cases of serious losses in substations. Real time monitoring of the operating temperature of electrical equipment, especially core electrical equipment, is particularly important to avoid losses caused by overheating of electrical equipment.




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