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What fiber optic grating temperature measurement system is used for the temperature below oil wells

In oil production engineering, monitoring the temperature of oil wells underground is a common logging method. By measuring the temperature, the physical state of the underground oil layer can be understood, in order to optimize the oil production technology scheme, improve oil and gas production and recovery rate. Temperature measurement cannot be separated from temperature sensors. At present, most of the underground temperature sensors widely used in major oil fields are electronic sensors. These sensors have poor reliability, weak anti-interference ability, short lifespan in high temperature and high pressure environments, and are difficult to fully meet practical usage needs.

Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensing technology is a new type of sensing technology that has been proven in the industry in recent years to be high-precision, highly reliable, anti-interference, and suitable for harsh working environments. Fiber optic sensors based on FBG have the characteristic of being able to be reused on a large scale, that is, multiple sensors can be connected on a single signal transmission fiber to achieve multi-sensor or multi parameter measurement. Cascading multiple FBG temperature sensors for multi-point temperature measurement in important sections below oil wells has many advantages over electronic temperature measurement methods, such as high temperature resistance, multiple temperature measurement points, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, and long service life.



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