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Application of Fluorescent Fiber Temperature Monitor in Abnormal Temperature Rise of Electrical Equipment

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Due to the long power supply distance, multiple equipment components, high electrical load, and mostly continuous operation of the 6kV distribution line in the oilfield, the electrical equipment of the substation supplying power to the line has the characteristics of heavy load and high current during operation. Under such conditions, when the connection screws of the substation equipment become loose or the components of each part have poor contact, the temperature of the equipment will abnormally rise due to the continuous passage of high current, resulting in poor material performance of the electrical equipment. If not detected and repaired in a timely manner, serious accidents may occur due to overheating and melting of the welding points of the equipment. That is to say, during the occurrence of faults in high-voltage equipment, there will be a significant increase in temperature. Therefore, monitoring the temperature parameters of high-voltage equipment during operation is very important.

Common abnormal temperature rise in substation equipment

1. Abnormal temperature rise of fully enclosed electrical equipment

In recent years, oilfield substations have gradually promoted fully enclosed electrical equipment, which combines high-voltage components such as high-voltage circuit breakers, isolation switches, and transformers into metal enclosed cabinets, such as GIS combination appliances and KYN series armored high-voltage switchgear. During the operation of fully enclosed electrical equipment, if partial discharge occurs in the internal equipment of the cabinet, it can cause abnormal temperature rise at the conductor connection. Due to the hidden heating position, operators cannot detect it in a timely manner. This can easily expand the fault, causing electrical components to break down and burn out, and affecting adjacent equipment units, resulting in a malignant power outage accident.

2. Abnormal temperature rise of high-voltage circuit breakers

During the normal operation of high-voltage circuit breakers, the energy generated by the long-term working current is converted into thermal energy, causing the temperature of electrical materials to rise but not exceed the specified range; When the conductive circuit is abnormal, it will cause the temperature of the electrical material to increase beyond the specified range, accelerate the oxidation of the dynamic and static contacts, increase the contact resistance, and further increase the heating temperature, resulting in a decrease in the mechanical and physical properties of the electrical material. When the temperature exceeds the melting point of the material, it will cause the two contacts to melt, ultimately leading to an electrical accident where the circuit breaker cannot be opened.

For example, the metal armored enclosed switchgear in substations (switching stations) all use small car type circuit breakers. When the handcart plug is pushed in, if the force is not enough or not shaken in place, it will cause poor contact between the dynamic and static plugs, causing overheating. During operation, the contact will melt, which can cause phase to phase short circuits and lead to a malignant accident of the overall switch burning.

3. Abnormal temperature rise at conductor connections

The connection between various electrical equipment in the substation mainly relies on screws for crimping, as well as various methods such as connecting with the main busbar and branch busbar. Due to the limitation of voltage level, it is necessary to consider the requirements for safe distance to ground and the safe operation of connecting busbars. Therefore, an insulation sheath has been installed and enclosed. This makes the connecting wires between devices have many characteristics that are not conducive to operation, such as high installation distance from the ground and strong sealing. If the screws at the connection are not properly maintained or run for a long time, external factors such as wind force and vibration of electric power during operation can cause the screws to loosen and oxidize, resulting in overheating of the contact points at the busbar connection due to excessive contact resistance, which can lead to a malignant accident of large-scale power outage in the entire substation or section of the busbar.

Fiber optic temperature online monitoring technology

1. Real time measurement of temperature data has been achieved, and operators can visually determine whether the equipment is running normally based on the operating temperature data, improving the timeliness and accuracy of discovering equipment defects caused by overheating.

2. The data received by the fiber optic temperature transmitter collection terminal (temperature monitoring device) can be compared with the set value to achieve functions such as over temperature alarm, effectively preventing equipment overheating accidents caused by poor contact and other reasons.

3. The installation range of fluorescent fiber optic temperature monitoring equipment can be selected to be installed entirely or only in high load circuits, which has the advantages of strong selectivity, flexibility and convenience, and can also achieve the goal of saving investment.

Application scope of fluorescent fiber optic temperature monitoring instrument

1. Fluorescent fiber optic temperature online monitoring technology can not only monitor the real-time online temperature of the connection points of the dynamic and static contacts of circuit breakers, busbar connections, isolating switch blade contacts, and other electrical equipment connection points, but also be used for temperature monitoring of electrical equipment such as dry-type transformers and high-voltage cable joints. Its application prospects are very broad.

2. The application of temperature online monitoring technology can fundamentally eliminate blind spots in temperature monitoring of all contacts of fully enclosed electrical equipment, solving the problem of undetectable temperatures in the past. Fundamentally changing the management mode of operating personnel’s periodic inspection of contact temperature, improving work efficiency, saving manpower and material resources, and achieving significant economic benefits.

3. Based on online temperature monitoring data, the operation status of electrical equipment can be determined, and the maintenance cycle and items can be determined, providing decision-making basis for substation status maintenance.

4. The real-time monitoring data of temperature online can serve as important node data for equipment operation monitoring in unmanned substations, providing strong technical support for substation operation monitoring and defect collection.

5. Real time online temperature monitoring can enable substation operators to promptly detect signs of high-voltage equipment failures and take effective measures in advance, which is of great significance for ensuring equipment operation safety and improving power supply reliability.




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