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Which temperature monitoring system is the best for the high-voltage electrical equipment busbar to use

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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device Distributed fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system
Temperature monitoring system for electrical equipment

Temperature monitoring system for electrical equipment

Online temperature monitoring system for high-voltage electrical equipment busbar
The temperature monitoring system of electrical equipment must have good insulation, high accuracy, fast response ability, and strong anti-interference ability. Compared to traditional temperature measurement methods such as infrared thermometers for switchgear, the disadvantage is poor temperature stability and susceptibility to vibration and magnetic field effects.

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors have obvious advantages such as resistance to electromagnetic interference, good stability, high sensitivity, miniaturization, light weight, and contact temperature measurement. fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors for online monitoring of electrical equipment.

The necessity of installing a temperature monitoring system for high-voltage switchgear
During the long-term operation of switchgear, the high-voltage switch contacts, busbar overlap points, and other parts in the switchgear often have excessive contact resistance due to improper installation or aging, resulting in abnormal temperature in the main circuit. If this change is not known in a timely manner and continues to operate, it will further intensify heating and oxidation, and create a vicious cycle, leading to phenomena such as melting and falling off of the contact finger, burning of the contact head, and deterioration of adjacent insulation materials. Finally, it may even catch fire, causing accidents, and even serious accidents such as breakdown and explosion. For a long time, due to the high potential environment of the main circuit of high-voltage switchgear (mainly referring to the contact arms, contacts, and busbars), various problems such as high-voltage insulation and electrical isolation under high and low potential cannot be solved under direct measurement conditions, making online monitoring of circuit breaker temperature a difficult problem.

Temperature measurement principle of fluorescent fiber optic switchgear
Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement belongs to the contact type temperature measurement method. This device achieves temperature measurement based on the length of fluorescence afterglow lifetime. The fluorescent substance applied to the remote temperature measuring end will emit corresponding fluorescence energy when stimulated by specific wavelengths of light. After removing the excitation of specific wavelengths of light, the fluorescence afterglow begins to decay. The duration of fluorescence afterglow depends on the temperature of the fluorescent substance located on the temperature measuring probe, that is, the temperature of the substance to be measured. The selection of specific wavelength light excitation is matched with the selected fluorescent substance, and the most effective excitation wavelength of different fluorescent substances is different.


Characteristics of online monitoring system for temperature of high-voltage switchgear busbar
(1) The fiber optic temperature measurement device of the busbar must have strong resistance to strong electromagnetic interference inside the switchgear;

(2) The fiber optic temperature measurement system must have a sufficiently short reaction time, which determines that the hardware and software used in the system design must have a relatively fast operating speed;

(3) During the online monitoring of the switchgear, it is necessary to maintain the normal operation and performance of the switchgear.

The online monitoring system for fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement of switchgear, the high-voltage busbar contact temperature measurement system, and the busbar contact components are equipped with temperature sensors. The fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor is connected to the temperature controller to achieve the purpose of monitoring the temperature of the switchgear busbar.




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