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What is an intelligent monitoring type switchgear

There are three main types of intelligent switchgear:
1. A non integrated integrated intelligent switchgear integrates various functions such as detection, fiber optic temperature monitoring, communication, and remote network monitoring into a closed switchgear, achieving intelligence. Although the stacked wooden assembly does indeed increase the functionality of metal enclosed switchgear, the lack of integrated design combined with a large number of secondary wiring can also reduce the electrical and mechanical reliability of metal enclosed switchgear.
That is the important function of unified upper computer and backend intelligence that can control command reception, execution, and intelligent terminals with the help of IEC61850. It is precisely based on this advantage that this method is currently widely used in intelligent switchgear. By combining with intelligent terminals, intelligent components, and backend systems, a complete set of type tests can be constructed. This type of test is very important. As for the main technical and economic issues of the intelligent switchgear, they include the following aspects: firstly, devices such as power supply, processing unit, output and communication unit need to be based on an independent intelligent device, which will lead to a significant increase in the cost of intelligence; Secondly, it supports the repeated collection and processing of various information such as multi position current and control instructions; The third reason is that the information exchange between devices is based on communication, and given the large information flow itself and the complex wiring methods, the product not only has very low anti-interference ability, but also will be severely interfered with when searching for problems; Fourthly, the cost is much higher than that of integrated design.

2. It is an intelligent switch equipment that integrates functional design and switchgear body. This plan is to carry out integrated design in an integrated manner, specifically integrating intelligent components and switchgear together, and ensuring overall standardization at the beginning of equipment manufacturing. This will effectively improve the integration level of primary and secondary weak current equipment. The advantage of doing so is that, firstly, by reasonably planning the various functions that the device needs to achieve and their specific implementation methods, the functional requirements of the device can be further optimized. For circuit breaker handcart, it is necessary to have control and detection functions for metal enclosed switches, while for fixed type, it needs to be matched with control and detection isolation switches, etc; The second is to further improve the monitoring effectiveness of sensors by controlling their installation positions reasonably. By adding temperature monitoring sensors to portable devices, temperature changes in electrical connections can be monitored at all times. However, considering that the installation location of traditional sensors is relatively sensitive, it may have an impact on the insulation and heat dissipation performance of the product, so it is suitable to use Huaguang Tianrui fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors; The third reason is that this technology achieves an optimized combination of intelligent functions, which can maximize the avoidance of communication display duplication. The problem of repeated collection of communication information is also the most obvious difference between functional integration design and splicing methods.

3. Intelligent switch equipment with integrated design of logic function, device structure, and circuit breaker. This method combines the circuit breaker with sensors, allowing the circuit breaker to have intelligent operation functions such as detection, monitoring, communication, remote network monitoring, perception, memory, automatic diagnosis, and repair, which can effectively simplify the cabinet structure of the switch instrument room. At the same time, within the intelligent switchgear, the linear displacement sensor installed can be directly applied to measure the movement of the insulation rod. Then, through the installation of the transformer, the plum blossom contact root of the circuit breaker can be directly in contact with the contact arm, and the obtained information can be directly displayed on the LCD screen with touch function. This will optimize the entire switchgear and effectively improve the intelligence level of the switchgear.

The intelligent switch equipment, which integrates logical functions, device structure, and circuit breaker temperature measurement design, mainly presents the following characteristics:
(1) Based on the central and front to back layout, the space occupied by the device is greatly compressed, thus achieving miniaturization.
(2) In terms of insulation reliability of the equipment, double shielded ring through wall sleeves and contact boxes with shielding rings should be used to ensure the insulation reliability of the equipment.
(3) The combination of cabinet flow and natural ventilation for heat dissipation can further improve the heat dissipation performance of intelligent switchgear.

In addition to the above points, the intelligent content of the integrated design of logic functions, device structures, and circuit breakers for intelligent switchgear mainly includes the following aspects:
(1) With the addition of an electric execution unit, it is possible to simultaneously detect the movable components of the circuit breaker and transmit the detected data to the communication component.
(2) Based on fiber optic online monitoring technology, it is possible to timely obtain the temperature changes of the main circuit inside the switchgear, so that operators can take effective measures to reasonably control the equipment temperature in a timely manner
(3) Based on the support of online detection technology for circuit breakers, the movement status and mechanical characteristics of circuit breakers can be monitored online.
(4) Based on communication management and assistance, it will be possible to achieve internal aggregation and external transmission of various mathematical information.



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