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infrared thermal imager array temperature sensor

Infrared temperature measurement technology

In the actual process of substation operation, the widespread application of infrared temperature measurement technology is the effective performance of infrared temperature measurement equipment. Generally speaking, infrared temperature measurement equipment mainly includes infrared thermal imagers and thermal imagers, which can absorb, manage, and store thermal radiation energy. On this basis, we can widely establish the most effective data acquisition and update system, and form effective image signals within a fixed time, integrate temperature standards, and provide effective guarantees for the comprehensive development of subsequent detection work.

Principles of infrared thermal imagers

The principle of an infrared thermal imager is based on the design concept of a handheld device, which has the characteristics of being compact and lightweight in form, and can ultimately integrate visible light function. Furthermore, the performance of this infrared thermal imager is relatively reliable, and its measurement standards and results have basic accuracy;

Principle of thermal imager

The principle of thermal imager is an infrared thermal imager with top-level parameters, which is mainly suitable for the professional detection field of electrical equipment, and also involved in building detection. This type of infrared thermal imager has ultra-high infrared pixels and basic functions of infrared expansion and video output. In summary, infrared temperature measurement technology in substation operation has good design performance, which is also a direct way to improve the efficiency of substation operation. However, in practical applications, we also need to follow relevant standards. At the technical level of infrared temperature measurement, similar comparison mechanisms and temperature difference judgment mechanisms are common parts, which can comprehensively and effectively establish analysis and calculation models, and ultimately achieve the integration of system data.

The characteristics of infrared temperature measurement technology

In the process of substation operation, the introduction of infrared temperature measurement technology has achieved innovation in the safe and stable operation of traditional substations. It can fully prevent accidents without changing the state of conventional substation equipment. For example, infrared thermal imagers can flexibly achieve long-term stable operation of substation equipment, effectively reducing the workload of substation equipment status changes, and effectively reducing the occurrence of power outage faults, ensuring that substation equipment is always in a relatively stable state. The application of infrared thermal imagers in the power industry has been going on for a certain period of time, and it has gradually developed into an essential means of checking the normal operation status of electrical equipment. The infrared thermal imager has its own advantages. It not only demonstrates an efficient working level during the normal operation of equipment fault detection, but also has excellent performance, accurate judgment, intuitive images, safety and reliability. It should not be touched for detection, is not affected by electromagnetic interference, has long detection distance, and fast detection speed. At the same time, infrared thermal imagers can have capabilities that other devices do not have, such as effectively leveraging their own advantages for suspended, moving, and charged substation equipment.

The specific application of infrared temperature measurement technology in substation operation

In the practical application of voltage induced heating equipment fault detection, we often encounter problems related to thermal faults in practical work. The reasons for such faults are multifaceted, which may be internal insulation problems or unconventional voltage distribution problems. So, we need to adopt targeted development strategies. However, it should be noted that traditional detection methods cannot effectively process it, which requires the full participation of infrared temperature measurement technology. When a voltage induced heating fault occurs, the relationship between the fault factor and the current is very small, which leads to the measurement temperature difference value being maintained above 30%, thus achieving accurate judgment of substation equipment faults. When applying infrared temperature measurement technology, it involves processing methods related to thermal spectra, which is to exert the thermal radiation effect of the surface temperature of the substation equipment, thereby gaining a clear understanding of the equipment’s composition and structure. After comprehensive analysis of relevant issues, state-based processing can be achieved.

The practical application of infrared temperature measurement technology classification

In order to further promote the practical level of substation operation and maintenance work, we need to achieve an organic combination of relevant equipment parameters and operating mechanisms, so as to determine temperature related standards and ultimately achieve detection and analysis of heating equipment. At the same time, we also need to minimize the error of measurement data and minimize the negative interference of other factors, in order to ultimately achieve the integration of data information. However, it should be noted that during the operation of infrared temperature measurement technology, simple tests should be conducted on the accessory parts to effectively determine the solid structure of the intrinsic resistance value and maintain its basic dynamic change state. Finally, it is necessary to combine longitudinal comparative analysis technology with infrared temperature measurement technology in the most reasonable way, continuously compare and analyze infrared spectra, and ultimately achieve comprehensive detection of substation equipment faults.

Practical application in electrical equipment status inspection

As is well known, it is very necessary to establish a corresponding electrical equipment status inspection mechanism, which is also an important measure to ensure the normal operation level of substations. The stable operation mechanism of electrical equipment has multiple positive aspects. It can not only effectively improve work efficiency, greatly shorten maintenance time, but also improve the accuracy of state operation. Generally speaking, almost all substation equipment is in live operation, which makes it difficult to fully grasp its internal measurement work. Thermal imaging is used to identify faults without power outage and ensure the safe operation of the power grid. So, we must gradually build an equipment status information system and comprehensively integrate the operation data of all substation equipment. Although traditional automatic devices can meet basic work needs, they still have many shortcomings, especially in terms of data support, which makes it difficult to predict the actual direction of normal operation of substation equipment and ultimately cannot achieve accurate prediction of safe operation of equipment. Based on this, we need to strengthen the development and application of infrared temperature measurement technology, gradually build a sound maintenance and management mechanism, analyze the operation and maintenance structure of substation equipment in each stage, and ultimately achieve the construction of a multi-level information reference system.

The application of infrared temperature measurement technology in substation operation is a systematic project, which requires us to start from a comprehensive perspective and adopt the most effective development strategy. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of China’s scientific and technological level, infrared temperature measurement technology will also be more and more widely applied in the operation of substations. We need to conduct comprehensive research on its basic work points. This article mainly analyzes the role of infrared temperature measurement technology in substation operation, and summarizes its current practical applications, hoping to provide theoretical basis for social production and life.



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