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Fiber optic vibration sensing security system manufactured using distributed fiber optic vibration sensing technology

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The distributed fiber optic vibration sensing technology has the basic properties of wide detection range, long monitoring distance, high sensitivity, low false alarm rate, strong anti-interference ability, high cost-effectiveness, easy operation, maintenance, and electrical passivity, which are in line with the current requirements for preventing external damage to underground cables. The transmission cable focuses on the distributed fiber optic vibration sensing technology based on phase sensitive optical time-domain reflectometer technology, utilizing its precise alarm positioning, relatively simple data processing circuit, suitable for large-scale, long-distance real-time monitoring
And its advantages such as easy practicality provide strong guarantees for the safe operation of power cables.

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The fiber optic vibration sensing security system is a modern defense system that utilizes high-tech technologies such as fiber optic sensing and optical communication to construct a security alarm system. It monitors and alerts for emergencies that threaten public safety. This system is mainly used in border defense, perimeter security alert, home security system, pipeline protection, communication and power cable protection, and has broad application prospects in military and civilian fields. Fiber optic sensing components are passive vibration sensitive devices composed solely of optical fibers or cables, or of optical fibers, cables, and their attachments. This component can be installed along the perimeter for a long distance, or laid or concealed on the ground to detect intrusion behavior; It can also be laid or buried on the walls, floors, and tops of buildings to detect any attempt to damage the structure of the building for intrusion.
For the purpose of vibration detection, an object that can provide support for a certain shape of optical fibers or cables, and can simultaneously have the function of vibration transmission.
Reference target
a) A human body weighing 50 kg-90 kg and standing 160-180 cm tall.
b) A robotic arm that can quantitatively simulate intrusion behavior – dual.
System composition and labeling
System composition form
Host, processing module, and fiber optic sensing components:

Basic system parameters
DC laser source characteristics:
a) Working wavelength (center wavelength): 1310+30nm;
b) Output power: ≤ 12mW;
c) Stability: ± 0.15dB
Single fiber optic component can lay optical fibers or cable lengths: 1-3X 10’m
a) Erected fiber optic fence: less than or equal to 30 km;
b) Buried fiber optic fence: less than or equal to 30 km
Operating environment temperature of the host: 0C~+40C




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