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Distributed fiber optic temperature measurement mainframe settings and functions

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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device Distributed fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system

Fiber optic distributed temperature measurement host device

Optical fiber temperature monitoring system developed by the optical time domain principle of fiber optic temperature measurement technology, based on the Raman scattering principle of fiber optics, using the optical time domain reflection technology (OTDR) principle, can achieve continuous measurement of the actual temperature at any point along the fiber. Temperature measurement distance can be several kilometers to tens of kilometers range, distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system can reach 1 meter spatial positioning accuracy, and can be long-term uninterrupted real-time online temperature monitoring.

Distributed fiber optic temperature measurement host function

1, temperature measurement host distribution monitoring: comprehensive, continuous, dynamic, real-time online monitoring of the fire and temperature conditions in the monitored area, large detection range.
2、Temperature rise event judgment: timely and accurate judgment of the type of accident (such as abnormal fiber optic temperature measurement in the mining area, transformer fiber optic winding overheating, etc.), the location of the accident, the size of the disaster area.
3、Accurate temperature measurement: high accuracy of temperature measurement, accurate positioning accuracy, can accurately display the real-time temperature status of any point at any time.
4, alarm settings: temperature can be set to multi-level, different values, any time the absolute temperature alarm value / temperature rise rate alarm value / temperature trend alarm value.
5, alarm mode: alarm information can be reflected in sound, light, different colors of the graphical interface, relay output and other forms.
6, multiple interfaces: fiber optic temperature measurement host fiber optic wiring is free and flexible. Such as the object to be measured temperature measurement range is the structure of the scattering, you can take the fiber optic temperature measurement host as the center, the host of the temperature-sensitive fibers can be laid separately to a variety of different directions, so that you can not only save the temperature-sensitive fibers, but also shorten the response time of the distributed fiber optic system, to customers to save the economic costs, to avoid a single fiber optic temperature measurement of a bad time or the use of a very long traditional temperature monitoring system for the disadvantage of back and forth to the laying of the system. Multi-channel fiber optic output can also be achieved with the fiber optic monitoring system and the customer’s own integrated monitoring system management mode of unity, giving customers greater convenience.
7, fiber optic thermometer adaptable: in the case of multi-channel fiber optic interface, such as 4-way detection output, under normal circumstances, each detection time is basically equal; in the case of anomalies or disasters, the system to maintain the entire system to detect the same period and the detection of the temperature accuracy remains unchanged under the circumstances of automatically adjusting the relative detection time of each fiber optic, which is responsible for detecting anomalies or disasters in which all the way fiber optic, automatic shortening of the same period of monitoring, and other non-faulty optical fiber automatically extend the detection of the same period. Other non-faulty optical fiber automatically extend the detection of the same period; secondly, the system in the case of anomalies and disasters, not only to take the detection of the same period of time automatically adjusted, but also through the reduction of the measurement accuracy in exchange for the detection time, with adaptive function. This buys valuable time for fire fighting.
8, distributed fiber-optic temperature measurement host long service life: to reach the alarm point using software reset, do not need to replace the fiber optic cable, and because of its special materials, the life is extremely long, basically without special maintenance.
9, environmental adaptability: distributed fiber-optic temperature measurement host temperature sensing fiber is a special fiber, with anti-electromagnetic interference, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, anti-vibration, flame retardant, explosion-proof, high dielectric strength, can be at high temperatures, high humidity, high voltage, piston wind flow and other toxic and harmful to a variety of harsh environments such as long-term normal work.
10, display function: power LCD, system failure display, fiber optic failure screen display (fiber optic damage point of the automatic detection of the alarm) and temperature alarm display. When there is a system failure, fiber optic failure of the temperature alarm, temperature measurement host with the corresponding tips of the alarm.
11, history: fiber optic temperature measurement host can save a certain period of time a variety of data, such as alarm records, abnormal temperatures, normal temperatures, integration of statistical data, interface status data, analysis data, etc., but also can be queried, imported, printed and so on.
12) Privilege setting: set multi-level privileges according to different levels.
13) Database protocol setting: users can carry out secondary development of the system.
14) Network function: RS232 or RS485 interface: used for the expansion of the relay box, the connection of peripheral equipment, using MODBUS protocol or ASC code protocol.
Network interface: (can be directly connected to the user’s LAN or Ethernet, for data sharing, can be used for Internet access gateway, using TCP / IP protocol.
USB interface: (can be connected to mouse, keyboard, USB flash disk, printer, GPS or other interface converter, etc.).




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