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Fiber optic temperature sensor for temperature monitoring system of hot spot contacts in switchgear suppression cabinet

FJINNO provides temperature measurement for switchgear, overvoltage suppression cabinet, high voltage suppression cabinet, harmonic suppression cabinet, voltage suppression cabinet, multifunctional suppression cabinet, and fluorescent fiber optic online temperature measurement devices, which can be applied in different switchgear substation equipment scenarios. Please contact us for specific product details.

As a part of the overvoltage suppression cabinet, the isolation handcart includes fuses and contact arms. During use, the isolation handcart will inevitably generate heat, and the level of heat depends on the current of the switchgear. That is, the heat generated by the switchgear is directly proportional to the current, and the larger the current, the more heat is generated. If the isolation handcart operates at high temperatures for a long time, its service life will be reduced. When the temperature is too high, it can cause safety hazards. In daily production and life, there are several types of overvoltage: operating overvoltage generated during the opening and closing process of circuit breakers, arc overvoltage generated during single-phase grounding, atmospheric overvoltage generated during lightning strikes, resonant overvoltage, etc. If these overvoltage devices are not properly protected, accidents such as cable blasting, motor insulation breakdown, lightning arrester explosion, and voltage transformer burning may occur, and in severe cases, unnecessary casualties may occur.

Overvoltage is very common in 3-35KV power supply systems. If no preventive measures are taken, overvoltage shocks may occur at any time, which will exacerbate the insulation aging of the system’s electrical equipment; On the other hand, it greatly increases the failure rate of insulation breakdown in the electrical equipment of the system. Abnormal overvoltage may be external or internal to the equipment or device. The invasion path of external overvoltage can be conducted through wires and circuits, as well as through electrostatic induction and electromagnetic induction. The occurrence of overvoltage may be regular and periodic, but more often it is random. Therefore, in most cases, it is difficult to accurately grasp.

Fully enclosed metal armored switchgear has been widely used in systems with voltage levels of 10kV and 35kV, and is one of the important equipment in the current power grid. As a device for receiving and distributing electrical energy in the power supply system, its reliability is related to the safety of the power system. The material of the switchgear contacts has a determined critical temperature. When the actual temperature is higher than the critical temperature, the voltage resistance strength of the material will significantly decrease. If it cannot be detected and measures cannot be taken in a timely manner, serious accidents may occur. Therefore, it can be inferred that the temperature rise of the contacts is the main factor affecting the work of the switchgear. The demand for electricity is increasing, and real-time monitoring of changes in contact temperature is becoming increasingly important for operation and maintenance personnel. Measures can be taken as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Temperature monitoring system for hot spot contacts in switchgear suppression cabinets

FJINNO’s independently developed fluorescent fiber optic temperature monitoring and early warning system for switchgear suppression cabinet contacts achieves accurate switchgear temperature monitoring, which can timely improve the understanding of contact temperature changes by operation and maintenance personnel, and help them adjust inspection cycles and load distribution plans in a timely manner, improve equipment operation stability, and reduce the occurrence of power outages.

The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement online monitoring system can monitor and analyze the temperature of the suppression cabinet in real time, objectively reflect the operating status and degree of faults of the suppression cabinet in real time, avoid unnecessary shutdown maintenance and blind overhaul, save manpower and material resources, and improve equipment utilization rate; By analyzing the trend of online fault diagnosis, potential faults can be identified and dealt with early to prevent the occurrence of faults or accidents, ensuring the safe, long-term, and efficient operation of equipment



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