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Advantages of 9-point fiber optic temperature measurement system for high-voltage switchgear

Switchgear temperature rise is mainly which several points

Switchgear hot spots are mainly switchgear contacts, circuit breakers, bus bar, inlet and outlet lines and other locations, the multiples of these places are mainly multiples of 3, such as 6,9,12 points of the temperature of the hot spots of the temperature rise, such as switchgear 3 upper contacts temperature monitoring, or bus bar of the 3 temperature temperature rise temperature monitoring, 3 incoming temperature, 3 switchgear out of the temperature and so on, for example, switchgear 3 point temperature measurement, switchgear 6 What is the meaning of “9-point temperature measurement”?

What is the meaning of 9-point temperature measurement, 9-point thermometer price

Switchgear can be installed in the place of 6 contacts fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement probe, in addition to the installation of temperature measurement points in the 3 mother row, so this is 9 temperature measurement points, can be called 9-point temperature measurement, switchgear fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor principle of switchgear 9-point pyrometer developed by the
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Intelligent temperature measurement device for high-voltage switchgear

High-voltage switchgear for the power grid operation process of an electrical device, which mainly has a power system power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and consumption of electricity to play the role of on-off, control or protection, therefore, high-voltage switchgear in the operation of the power grid has a pivotal role in the operation of the power grid, in order to ensure that high-voltage switchgear within the normal operation of the electrical equipment, it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the various electrical equipment within the temperature, especially the temperature of the circuit breaker contacts. The temperature of circuit breaker contacts. Existing multi-point temperature measurement methods, generally manual monitoring, mainly through the power staff handheld infrared thermometer on the circuit breaker contact temperature one by one test and record, and then will record the results of the statistics will be into a curve, and further through the curve to analyze the temperature change situation.

What are the disadvantages of infrared thermometer

1, if the switchgear is more, then the need to measure the temperature of the point will be in accordance with the multiplication of the 3 temperature measurement points increase, fewer testers, resulting in slow progress of the test work;

2, the traditional automatic temperature detection system takes up a lot of time and energy of the operation and maintenance personnel, resulting in a relative shortage of personnel in the grid accident handling, reverse gate operation and other temporary work, time conflict and energy dispersion, is very likely to cause the equipment patrol is not in place or the reverse gate operation is not focused on reducing productivity and work quality, so that the safe operation of the grid to bring about a potential security risks.


Switchgear point-type fiber optic temperature measurement system

The switchgear temperature measurement system is a temperature monitoring system designed according to the requirement of “Strengthening the monitoring of temperature rise of operating equipment” in the “Eighteen Major Anti-accident Measures of the State Grid Corporation” (for trial implementation) of the State Grid Corporation of China. It is mainly applicable to the online temperature measurement of lap parts, movable and static contacts and busbar of indoor high-voltage switchgear. Can be online monitoring of multiple points of temperature measurement of the temperature temperature rise, through the 2.4GHz fiber optic transmission mode, real-time display on the screen of the host, by the professional nine-point temperature measurement of the temperature of these monitoring points for real-time monitoring.

Point-type fiber optic temperature sensing system, high-precision pyrometer using fluorescence detection principle, through the optical fiber to monitor the temperature information, suitable for temperature monitoring requires high precision, the space is narrow in the area of temperature sensing and monitoring, such as switchgear contacts, motor stator, transformer windings and so on. Most of these monitored devices are relatively harsh electrical environmental conditions (electromagnetic field radiation, surge, electric pulse and other electromagnetic interference, etc.), while the optical fiber has electrical insulation, intrinsic safety, not subject to electromagnetic interference and other characteristics, so the fiber-optic sensor probe can be installed directly in contact with the measured point, contact monitoring of the temperature of these devices, to ensure real-time, accurate temperature detection.
Fiber optic thermometer system consists of fiber optic thermometer, fiber optic sensor, fiber optic probe, centralized monitoring host and system management software and other components.

Contact fiber optic temperature measurement instrument product features
1. Contact measurement: contact point temperature detection, high temperature measurement accuracy, short response time;
2. real-time online monitoring: 7 * 24 real-time online monitoring, the real realization of unattended;
3. sound and light alarm: temperature data through the LCD operating panel site can be checked, the alarm information sound and light prompts;
4. adjustable threshold: alarm thresholds, alarm operation and other software settings, each sensor can be individually set the temperature alarm value;
5. Flexible settings: system parameters, alarm settings can be set online through the LCD operating panel, can also be set offline through the interface with a PC;

Switchgear thermometer features

1. fluorescent fiber optic sensing probe is small, can be installed directly in the hot parts of the electrical equipment, high precision, rapid response;
2. fiber optic sensors passed the high-voltage test, good insulation performance;
3. fiber optic pyrometer has a wide range of applications, to meet the installation requirements of various applications;
4. good insulation, can be applied in high voltage, high radiation environment;
5. Uniform specifications for conventional products, easy to install, safer and more reliable use of temperature measurement systems;
6. Can be used with computer displays, third-party systems for data transmission and other systems 2 development.

Fiber optic pyrometer applications

Power plant – electric equipment temperature and electrical fire monitoring
Substation high-voltage switchgear temperature monitoring
Transformer winding temperature online monitoring
Petrochemical – high voltage switchgear temperature and electrical fire monitoring system
Temperature monitoring of subway electrical equipment
Metallurgy electric equipment temperature monitoring
Coal Electrical Equipment Temperature Monitoring
Coal industry high-voltage motor temperature monitoring
Building electrical equipment monitoring
Switchgear and distribution cabinet temperature monitoring


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