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Which is the best fiber optic fire monitoring system manufacturing plant

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Fiber Optic Fire Monitoring System

Distributed fiber optic temperature sensing system has accurate measurement, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, and can realize long-distance temperature detection. The video-type fire detector can know more intuitively and quickly the location of the fire, the scale of the fire, the speed of the fire and smoke spreading direction, the situation of the trapped people and other information, so that the monitoring personnel can react quickly to control the development of the fire in the best possible time, and to prevent false alarms caused by the external environment. The firefighting linkage system is to make emergency response to the fire quickly and implement the rescue of personnel, ventilation system and evacuation of traffic. If the video surveillance system is used to supplement the distributed fiber-optic temperature sensing system, and the firefighting linkage system is used for emergency response to tunnel fires, then this system can fully integrate the advantages of all three into a complete tunnel fire monitoring and early warning firefighting system.

According to the fire characteristics of a tunnel of a long highway, in order to realize the efficient control of fire in a long highway tunnel, the company independently researched and developed a set of tunnel fire monitoring and early warning fire fighting system.
The distributed fiber-optic temperature sensing system continuously measures the temperature along the distribution line, which can accurately determine the location of the fire point and the temperature of each store in the tunnel, avoiding the interference of electromagnetic waves; the video monitoring system, when receiving the alarm signal from the fiber-optic sensor, can quickly obtain the specific situation of the fire scene through the monitor, which facilitates the rapid response to the fire, effectively controls the development of the fire, and facilitates the firefighting and rescue of the fire. The fire fighting and rescue system is also convenient for fire fighting and rescue. The fire fighting linkage system can make emergency response to the tunnel fire.

The test highway tunnel consists of three sub-systems; a fiber optic temperature sensing detection system, information sharing between control rooms, and collection of data and information from on-site equipment, which is ultimately transmitted to a computer in the monitoring center, triggering the video monitoring system and the fire emergency response system.

When a fire is detected by the fiber-optic temperature sensing detection system, the monitoring video system can quickly receive the alarm signal, display the location of the fire on the screen, and then immediately activate the fire-fighting linkage system to realize fire-fighting and ventilation as well as evacuation of people inside and outside the tunnel after confirmation.
In order to prove the feasibility of this tunnel fire monitoring and early warning fire fighting system, and at the same time, to improve the basis for analyzing the development pattern of the fire and the speed of smoke flow at the early stage of the fire, the ignition test was simulated. According to the “Fiber Optic Grating Temperature Sensing Fire Alarm System Design, Construction and Acceptance Specification”, the test tunnel was divided into four fire zones.

The test tunnel is divided into 4 fire zones, and 1 fiber optic sensor is set up, with a total of 10 fiber optic sensors in each fire zone, forming 40 monitoring points. One manual alarm button is installed at 50m intervals, and the alarm signal is transmitted by twisted pair cable. The fire source for the ignition test is a 0.68X0.68 m2 fire bowl, and the manual alarm signal and the temperature signal detected by the fiber optic are transmitted to the fire alarm control mainframe, and the OPC server implements the system. The ignition test shows that the system’s alarm position and temperature are accurate, the data are reliable, and the sensitivity is high. In the simulated ignition test of the long highway tunnel, the fastest alarm time of the system for a 0.5 m2 fire was 10 s. This test proved the feasibility of this tunnel fire monitoring and warning fire protection system.




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