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The world’s top 10 best fiber optic perimeter intrusion security monitoring systems

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With the continuous development of China’s economy and science and technology, people’s awareness of safety precautions is becoming stronger and stronger. The safety precautions of residential areas such as schools, residential communities, and industrial parks have become increasingly concerned by people. Moreover, the perimeter security of complex environments such as oil fields, power plants, and airports is particularly noteworthy, and higher requirements are put forward for the security of important areas related to national security such as military areas, judicial prisons, and government agencies. Therefore, a safe and effective perimeter security monitoring system is particularly important.

At present, there are various types of perimeter security products on the market, such as active infrared perimeter security systems, leaky cable perimeter security systems, tension electronic perimeter security systems, video surveillance perimeter security systems, etc. The active infrared perimeter security system has a short monitoring distance, is easily affected by external environmental climate, and has poor anti-interference ability. The leakage cable perimeter security system is easily affected by the magnetic field changes of non invading objects from the outside, causing false alarms, and has high power consumption and cost. The tension at each point of the tension type electronic perimeter security system control device is relatively complex, making it difficult to install and maintain, which limits the expansion of the operating area. If the video surveillance perimeter security system adopts fixed-point monitoring, it is difficult for the camera probe to cover the entire security perimeter, and the monitoring range is small; However, using continuous scanning will waste a lot of resources and also easily form blind spots for monitoring.

Characteristics of Fiber Optic Perimeter Security Monitoring System

The best fiber optic perimeter security monitoring system fully utilizes the advantages of high sensitivity, low loss, and resistance to electromagnetic interference of fiber optic sensing technology. Based on the principle of fiber optic interference, it achieves real-time monitoring over long distances and large ranges. Pressure and vibration are detected through fiber optic (cable) front-end sensing equipment laid on the physical perimeter, generating detection signals. After data processing and intelligent recognition at the back-end, different actions are classified, such as climbing walls, cutting through barbed wire, and walking within prohibited areas, to determine whether they are intrusion actions, and to achieve timely warning or real-time alarm of the fiber optic detection perimeter security system.

The characteristics of the fiber optic perimeter security system include high sensitivity, resistance to electromagnetic interference, and can be used in flammable and explosive places. It is convenient for outdoor laying, installation and maintenance, and meets people’s requirements for security.

The top ten fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection systems are alarm systems that use fiber optic sensors to achieve distributed perimeter security monitoring. When behaviors such as flipping, crossing, climbing, or violent intrusion occur, the fiber optic security system will sound an alarm. The system can be divided into multiple defense zones as needed, and each zone can operate independently. The fiber optic perimeter system continuously monitors multiple defense zones through advanced technology. When an intrusion occurs, the system can detect the vibration generated by the intruder in real time, issue an alarm, and display the specific location through the system map software. It has advanced intelligence and low false alarm efficiency, which is an advanced technology that other traditional perimeter alarm systems such as infrared monitoring and electronic fences cannot achieve. The fiber optic perimeter security system is widely used in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, rail transit, national defense and military, residential communities, schools, hospitals, private villas and other places that require monitoring of illegal entry and exit.

The advantages of fiber optic perimeter security systems

Intrinsic safety

The front end of the fiber optic perimeter security system is a passive all fiber component, with no secondary safety hazards, and safety is a prerequisite consideration;
The passive defense zone ensures that the optical fiber itself has no electromagnetic radiation and is resistant to strong electromagnetic interference, and is not affected by other factors.

System stability

Fiber optics can be used in various harsh environments for a long time, with a long service life, convenient maintenance, and high cost-effectiveness;
The system alarm will not be affected by seasonal and temporal environments, and the false alarm rate is very low.

Compatibility extension

The zone alarm can upload protocol data to other integrated devices and software systems through various means;
• Can configure alarm linkage systems such as system monitoring;
Different defense zones can be set up to meet the various needs of customers and achieve different functions.

Software operation

Can customize a combination of local and remote terminals to achieve remote monitoring;
The electronic map interface is beautiful and concise, visually displaying the alarm area;
• Query of intrusion and fault alarm history records;
High sensitivity to environmental intrusion alarms.




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