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Distributed fiber optic temperature measurement technology principle

It is based on optical fiber Raman scattering effect (Raman Scattering) and optical time-domain reflectometry (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry) to obtain spatial temperature distribution information. By laying temperature-sensitive optical fiber on the surface of the pipeline, collecting and analyzing the time and intensity information of Raman back-reflected light generated by light pulses propagating in the temperature-sensitive optical fiber to get the corresponding position and temperature information, and after learning the temperature and position information of each point, a temperature curve can be obtained for different positions of the whole optical fiber.

Temperature-sensitive fiber applications

Temperature-sensitive optical fiber measurement distance of up to 30 kilometers, spatial positioning to the order of meters, able to carry out uninterrupted automatic measurement, especially suitable for the need for long-distance large-scale multi-point measurement applications. At present, the technology is widely used in tunnels, oil depots, hazardous materials storage, arsenals, industrial and mining enterprises, production plant temperature detection and fire alarm system and electric power cable overload temperature monitoring. Distributed fiber optic temperature measurement technology has not yet been practiced in the energy pipeline network precedent.

Distributed temperature-sensitive fiber optic fire warning system

The fire warning system includes temperature-sensitive optical fiber, photoelectric signal conversion module and signal processing warning module. When in use, the temperature change makes the optical signal in the temperature-sensitive fiber change, through the conversion of photoelectric signal and information processing, so as to realize real-time temperature monitoring and fire warning. Temperature-sensitive optical fiber as an important part of the fire warning system in the air mining area.

In recent years, with China’s government investment in infrastructure continues to strengthen, transportation tunnels ushered in a rapid development stage. However, at the same time, the frequency of tunnel fires has gradually increased, seriously threatening the safety of people’s lives and property. Due to the closed environment of transportation tunnels, the occurrence of fire is not conducive to the diffusion of smoke and heat, which leads to the difficulty of personnel evacuation, fire fighting, and the seriousness of fire damage. Therefore, how to effectively prevent fire in transportation tunnels and ensure the fire safety of transportation tunnels has become a topic of concern for the fire fighting community at home and abroad. Usually, when a fire occurs, it is often accompanied by a variety of observable signals, such as gas, flame, smoke, temperature and so on. By detecting these signals in real time, fire detectors can realize the detection and warning of fire. Considering the special environmental characteristics of tunnels, i.e., the presence of constant longitudinal winds in tunnels, traditional detectors are not suitable for tunnel fire detection due to their technical limitations or the limitations of the places where they are used. For example, the longitudinal wind will enhance the conduction cooling effect, resulting in a slower temperature rise and affecting the reliability of the observed data. In this case, fiber grating fire detection technology with good anti-interference ability and higher reliability can achieve real-time monitoring of the temperature of the monitoring target.

Based on fiber optic sensing technology, through the photoelectric converter and fiber optic sensing demodulation host, the highway tunnel fire monitoring and early warning, the system has a high safety index, good stability, can be run for a long time in the tunnel under the harsh environment, long-distance signal transmission, and can accurately reflect the emergence of cracks in the tunnel lining area of the concrete, for timely warning, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents in the use of highway tunnels. Avoid the occurrence of safety accidents during the use of highway tunnels.

What are the functions of temperature-sensitive fiber optic system manufacturers

1, real-time, continuous, accurate, long-distance distributed monitoring with intrinsic safety, anti-electromagnetic interference and corrosion-resistant, etc., very suitable for power cable temperature monitoring;

2、Multi-turn winding method for cable joints and other special locations to focus on monitoring, to ensure the safety of power cables;

3, through the software flexible partition and set multi-level over-temperature alarm and temperature rise rate alarm, effectively reduce the false alarm rate;

4, the use of the international common Modbus TCP protocol, can be convenient and third-party systems for data transmission and system integration

5、System structure is simple, easy to install and maintain, long service life, reduce the overall operating costs of the system;

6、System software authorization management, safe and reliable, users can easily upgrade the system.




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