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Top 10 manufacturing factories for oil depot zone positioning vibration fiber optic cable alarm systems

Oil depots belong to flammable and explosive areas, so there are restrictions on perimeter protective equipment. The defense zone positioning vibration optical cable alarm system uses optical cables as sensing and detection units. Due to its unique linear structure, optical cables are not limited by the contour of the perimeter. When used in boundaries with many corners, drops, and arcs, optical cables can be laid according to the shape of the perimeter without any dead corners. The vibration fiber optic cable detection perimeter alarm system does not require the laying of power and signal lines, thus avoiding fire hazards. Moreover, the service life of optical cables is long, which can meet the requirements of customers for low investment, low energy consumption, and high prevention.

The vibration fiber optic perimeter alarm system is particularly suitable for long-distance and large-scale safety warning in oil pipelines, warehouses, and oil depots. It can provide safety warning monitoring for tens of kilometers without the need for power supply. It has the characteristics of electrical insulation, electromagnetic field interference resistance, light weight, small size, variable external shape, and high sensitivity. According to the geographical environment and terrain of the oil depot, it adopts a hanging network installation, which is convenient for construction.

Overview of vibration fiber optic solutions in oil depots

Oil depots are important energy institutions in the country and a key focus of safety prevention. Due to the flammable and explosive properties of fuel, it faces many risks during storage. Improper management may lead to major safety accidents, among which safety accidents caused by external factors are not uncommon. As one of the most important links in the security system of oil depots, perimeter security can effectively prevent illegal elements from invading, stealing, destroying and other criminal events, playing an important role. Combined with our company’s zone type fiber optic vibration warning system, it can provide real-time warning and precise positioning for intrusion events, enabling security personnel to promptly respond to unexpected situations, take preventive measures, and ensure the safe and smooth operation of the oil depot.

Introduction to Vibration Fiber Optics in Oil Depot Systems

Due to its passive operation, this system has a higher safety factor. Moreover, optical fibers themselves have advantages such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, lightning resistance, and electrical insulation, making them very suitable for perimeter security work in flammable and explosive places such as oil depots. The system can effectively monitor and warn of perimeter intrusion behaviors, providing important guarantees for the security work of oil depots.



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