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temperature monitoring system in power system transformer

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how to measure winding temperature of transformer

The transformer fluorescent optical fiber winding temperature controller has a strong progressiveness. By applying the fluorescent optical fiber temperature sensing technology, it ensures that the oil level and winding temperature control has a strong stability, accuracy and relatively fast measurement. Under normal circumstances, fiber optic temperature sensors can effectively avoid the influence of electromagnetic interference, which provides a good guarantee for enhancing the accuracy of temperature measurement. Fiber optic has extremely strong insulation, high voltage resistance, corrosion resistance, and other abilities, which can improve stability and safety; Fiber optic temperature sensors have the advantages of fast response speed and small volume, which can ensure a faster temperature response; By utilizing algorithms and detection methods of internal photoelectric signals, the temperature controller has strong self diagnostic ability, which can quickly detect various sensor problems and avoid the occurrence of errors and false alarms. Compared with traditional winding temperature controllers, it can be found that fluorescent fiber winding temperature controllers have strong accuracy, stability, and safety, as well as self diagnostic ability, which effectively improves economic efficiency.

fiber optic temperature sensor for transformer

The fluorescent fiber optic winding temperature controller mainly uses fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensing technology to continuously detect the upper oil temperature of the transformer as the core. The temperature rise formed by the change of winding load current provides a good guarantee for the stable operation of the fluorescent fiber optic winding temperature controller.

temperature measurement using fiber optic sensor

The fluorescent fiber optic winding temperature controller for transformers has the characteristics of fast and accurate observation of winding and oil surface temperature, and can quickly simulate the highest oil temperature. In addition, the device also has functions such as accident tripping, control of the cooler, and alarm. Users can use the device scientifically and reasonably based on the application situation. Compared with the traditional transformer winding temperature controller using PT100, the fluorescent fiber optic winding (oil surface) temperature controller for transformers has the following advantages: similar to the shape, packaging form, and installation method of traditional PT100 sensors, it follows the traditional habits of design and users, and improves the convenience of product use; Equipped with self diagnostic function for temperature sensors, it can effectively identify the types of faults in temperature sensors and prevent false alarms, false alarms, and other phenomena caused by sensor failure; There is no need for transformer power outage operations during updates and replacements; Compared to traditional mechanical transformer temperature controllers, using a digital calculation method will not result in inaccurate on-site readings due to liquid leakage; Higher temperature measurement accuracy, less affected by electromagnetic interference, more reasonable analysis methods, closer to the actual winding temperature value, with an accuracy of ± 1 ℃ and a resolution of 0.1 ℃; The fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor has a fast response, and can quickly respond when the oil temperature changes, with a response time of less than 2 seconds; It has characteristics such as corrosion resistance and good flexibility, and the material has a service life of more than 25 years.

During the fluorescence signal processing period, due to differences in methods, the lifespan of fluorescence fiber temperature measurement related instruments is less affected by fiber bending and detectors compared to the intensity type. In addition, the sensor probe is easier to adjust, the measurement accuracy is more accurate, and the sensitivity is also very high. Therefore, the effect of measuring the internal temperature of transformers is very good. The current application of lifetime fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors is the most common.

Technical parameters of a new type of fluorescent fiber optic winding temperature controller for transformers

Technical parameters of optical fiber temperature measurement device

Provide 1-8 position DIP switches
Provide two switch signal outputs
Temperature measurement range: -40 ℃~200 ℃
Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1 ℃
Temperature measurement resolution: 0.1 ℃
Number of channels: 3 channels (can be expanded to 16 channels)
Communication interface: dual RS485 communication interface
Temperature measurement frequency: 1Hz

AC/DC universal power supply: wide voltage 100-300V/50Hz
Power consumption<6W
Communication protocol: Standard Modbus RTU
Installation size: 123.5mm x 48mm (length x width)
Operating temperature: -20 ℃~65 ℃
Storage temperature: -40 ℃~85 ℃
Fiber optic sensing probe with a withstand voltage of 100KV (40mm withstand length, 5min withstand time) and a provincial-level inspection report issued

The development of a fluorescent fiber optic transformer winding temperature controller will fully apply new technologies and processes. The equipment meets the requirements of modern technological development in terms of intelligence and standardization, fills the technical gap, solves most of the existing on-site practical problems, and can maintain technological leadership for a long time, with great promotion prospects. Through the design and research of a new type of fluorescent fiber optic winding temperature controller for transformers, it was found that it has advantages in practical applications such as high voltage resistance and no electromagnetic coupling. It also effectively improves the shortcomings of traditional temperature measurement modes, thereby improving temperature measurement efficiency and accuracy.




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