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How to measure temperature in high-voltage switchgear

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The high-voltage switchgear is the main equipment of the distribution station, and the internal power switch contacts for power dispatch. Due to the large load, the contact head becomes brittle, and there is an error in the contact of the high-voltage switchgear, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the contact head. The current temperature detection method for distribution stations mainly uses portable infrared thermometers to measure temperature, and conducts daily and timely inspections of high-voltage switchgear to obtain temperature information content. There is an urgent need to address the technical issues of online temperature detection, real-time and fully automatic collection of touch temperatures, immediate and accurate detection of temperature changes, and early warning information before high temperatures, so that technical personnel have sufficient time to adopt appropriate measures to prevent common faults and fire accidents in power engineering. Therefore, based on the fiber optic temperature sensor technology, a fiber optic temperature sensor technology fire accident detector was developed and designed, which can monitor the temperature of the switchgear in real time and provide warning information alarms. The system software adopts a microwave sensor temperature detection method using all fiber optic sensing technology, which eliminates the safety hazards of the detection system itself and further improves the usability of the detection system. The fiber optic temperature detection system software is widely used in many power plants and power companies, greatly reducing the occurrence of safety accidents and truly avoiding future fire accidents. It is in line with safety first and prevention as the foundation.

1. Flame retardant and explosion-proof equipment.
Select whole fiber tissue to measure temperature and maintain microwave sensor temperature monitoring.
2. High precision and crisis management.
The temperature pixel of the thermometer is 0.1c, and the temperature measurement precision is 0.5c. The total safe channel scanning time is short, and the temperature measurement time for 16 safe channels is about 2 seconds.
3. Real time online monitoring.
Continuously monitor the temperature of all measurement points in the distribution station switchgear for 7×24 hours, and immediately maintain temperature measurement data information to provide auxiliary data information for the health monitoring of each switchgear.
4. Accurate indoor space positioning.
The temperature sensing technology of fiber optic sensors is matched to each measuring point, and each controller has global characteristics. The use of PC computer monitoring software can accurately locate the controller part of the alarm system.
5. Flexible system partition alarm control.
According to PC monitoring software, different temperature detection points can be divided according to customer regulations. Generally, the same high-voltage switchgear is centralized as a system partition at point contact. Each temperature measurement point has different alarm main parameters, such as temperature alarm, temperature alarm, temperature alarm, and temperature alarm.
6. Improve self diagnosis.
Each temperature sensor in the system software often has a wavelength of light, and the system software database can remember its location. Every time the system software conducts temperature detection, it automatically recognizes and diagnoses common sensor faults, facilitating immediate maintenance and upkeep.
7. Powerful mobile software function.
The location, temperature value, and temperature change of each detection area are displayed on the industrial touch screen. If the PC is equipped with an SMS alarm module, the alarm information can be sent to the mobile phones of specific staff members to ensure proper handling of fire accident risks. It is also possible to search for historical temperature data and alarm records on the server, in order to convert them into reports on security operations.




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