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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device for power equipment

With the implementation of power grid renovation, especially the continuous deepening of urban network renovation and construction, the usage of cables and electrical equipment has significantly increased, which has made the operation management, monitoring and maintenance of cables and electrical equipment very important. In practical work, in order to avoid cables and electrical equipment from overheating at high temperatures, it is usually necessary to choose a method that appropriately preserves their load capacity. However, this makes the use of these cables and electrical equipment uneconomical, and manual inspections can only detect the surface temperature of the test point. For enclosed electrical equipment such as cables and switchgear, true temperature monitoring cannot be achieved. Whether from the perspective of the safe operation of electrical equipment such as cables and ring main cabinets or from the perspective of power system scheduling needs, real-time monitoring of the load capacity of cables and electrical equipment is required, which can be achieved through online real-time monitoring of the temperature of the test points.

The reliability of high-voltage switchgear under high voltage and high current conditions is closely related to the temperature rise of the isolation switch contacts. During the operation of the power grid, mechanical vibration, contact erosion, and other reasons can worsen contact conditions, increase contact resistance, cause an increase in contact point temperature, exacerbate contact surface oxidation, and lead to local welding or arc discharge at loose contact points, ultimately causing damage to electrical equipment, power outages, or major accidents such as fires. This type of contact overheating fault accident is not only due to the quality problem of the high-voltage cabinet switch itself, but more importantly, due to the lack of effective monitoring methods for the temperature rise of the isolation switch contacts at present.

Regarding the operation of contact temperature in high-voltage switchgear and cable branch boxes, by measuring, monitoring, and statistically analyzing the temperature of branch boxes, switchgear or high-voltage contacts using fluorescent fiber optic contact, operators can comprehensively grasp the working conditions of branch boxes, switchgear or high-voltage contacts, and avoid or reduce the occurrence of faults; The high-voltage power temperature measurement system has good reliability and complete functions.



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