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The vibration fiber optic single zone host integrates the transmission and reception of fiber optic signals, as well as the display and processing of received signals, and the accurate alarm of intrusion signals. It combines various functions into one, making the single device more powerful. There is no need to purchase external equipment to detect the situation of the zone, reducing the cost of protection and improving the efficiency of post-processing of intrusion signal alarms.

Since the development of vibration detection sensing technology, corresponding sensing testing methods and types are constantly being updated and matured. In actual production and use, there is an increasing demand for the types and accuracy of measurements, which has led to the emergence of new products, high-quality, and multifunctional testing equipment. Traditional testing methods and methods are constantly being overturned, and various analyzers, fiber optic vibration sensors, etc. have been widely used. Sensitivity has also made a qualitative leap on the basis of the original.

Using optical cables as sensing and detection units, they change the phase of the light propagating within the optical fiber through the action of the measured physical quantity. Then, interference measurement technology is used to convert the phase change into a change in light intensity, thereby detecting the measured physical quantity. This can demodulate the vibration caused by intruders and transform it into a phase change of transmitted light, achieving accurate positioning of the vibration source. It has broad application prospects and can achieve high sensitivity and large-scale perimeter security.

With the continuous exploration and development of fiber optic technology in the past decade, the fiber optic detection and alarm system using fiber optic sensing as the detection method has gradually matured and stabilized. Compared with traditional alarm detection technology, it has many advantages such as resistance to electromagnetic wave interference, wide applicability, high sensitivity, high concealment, and strong anti-interference ability. It has been applied to the security and prevention systems of airports, important warehouses, prisons, finance, and high-end buildings.

Traditional security technologies mainly include infrared targeting, laser detection, electrostatic induction, etc., all of which have the disadvantages of poor system stability, installation limitations, and high false alarm and false alarm rates.
Video surveillance, as a very popular monitoring method at present, although it can monitor and collect evidence for intrusions, it has the disadvantages of high false alarm rate and requiring staff to be on duty 24 hours a day. Fiber optic fence perimeter intrusion detection equipment uses fiber optic sensors as a new type of security measure for intrusion detection, which has many advantages such as full passive, anti electromagnetic interference, good insulation resistance, good concealment, and the ability to achieve large-scale detection. However, some existing intrusion detection devices have outdated technology, high false alarm rates, and cannot accurately identify external disturbances, resulting in low levels of intelligence.

FJINNO provides an intelligent fiber optic vibration anti intrusion warning system, which solves the problems of manual intervention and high false alarm rate in existing technologies for security warning systems. It achieves high automation and low false alarm rate.

The distributed fiber optic vibration intrusion alarm system for defense zones is an intrusion alarm system independently developed by FJINNO. The system is based on advanced laser interference technology and fiber optic vibration sensing technology. The sensing optical cable is installed in fences, underground or on walls. The vibration caused by intruders climbing and entering will change the mode of transmission light. After analysis and processing by the signal processing unit, an alarm signal will be sent to the user.

The anti zone fiber optic vibration equipment series products are regional alarm systems. The device adopts a modular structure, which can be used independently with a single module or for multi module networking. The protection range of each defense zone is determined based on the on-site situation, and alarm parameters can be set separately for different defense zones;

The zone type fiber optic vibration sensing monitoring system adopts advanced signal processing technology and intelligent algorithms, which can eliminate false alarms caused by environmental factors such as small animals, wind, rain, and other non-invasive events.




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