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Oil pipeline leakage monitoring system

The distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system for oil and gas pipelines is a DTS distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system independently developed by Fuzhou Yinuo for oil and gas pipeline leakage monitoring.

When a leakage accident occurs in the pipeline itself, the leaked natural gas will emit a jet like gas around the pipeline due to the presence of pressure. If the entire natural gas pipeline can be connected to a distributed fiber optic temperature sensing host using communication optical cables laid along the pipeline on the basis of existing pressure and flow detection technology, leakage points can be detected in real time, and the location and alarm display of leakage points can be carried out.

Advantages of Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement System for Oil Pipeline

1. Leading temperature measurement technology: Based on the widely promoted distributed fiber optic temperature measurement technology internationally, and drawing on nearly 20 years of successful application experience from abroad, this system has excellent technical performance and quality;

2. Safety: Using optical fiber as the medium for temperature sensing and signal transmission, the sensor operates without power supply, is inherently safe, has excellent insulation performance and resistance to electromagnetic interference, and the sensor installation meets safety standards;

3. System stability: Temperature data is obtained by detecting the wavelength shift of light waves. The sensor is only sensitive to temperature, avoiding the problem of traditional sensors being susceptible to interference factors such as power fluctuations and transmission line losses. The system is stable and reliable; The temperature measurement accuracy reaches ± 1 ℃, and the temperature resolution reaches 0.1 ℃;

4. Adaptability: The system operates safely and reliably, with stable performance, suitable for long-term continuous operation in harsh environments;

5. Universality of temperature measurement system: The monitoring host comes with a standard communication interface, providing Ethernet port, RS232, USB, etc., which can be combined with petrochemical comprehensive automation systems to achieve data sharing, simple management, and seamless connection with related systems;

6. Reasonable price: The system has a reasonable cost and high cost-effectiveness. After being built and put into use, it can be unmanned for a long time, with low maintenance costs;

7. Easy to operate: user-friendly human-machine interface, easy to operate; The sensor has no zero drift, no need for recalibration, and the system is maintenance free;



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