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Which manufacturer’s factory is good for the arc light sensor monitoring system

With the development of the power industry and the increasing demand for power grid load, it is required to ensure the safety and stability of power generation and supply during the operation of the power system, and provide reliable power resources for users. However, incidents of significant economic losses and casualties caused by arc short circuit faults often occur. In order to prevent arc short circuit faults from causing greater harm, it is generally required to cut off the fault within a protection action time of less than 100 milliseconds.

Why do switchgear need arc light monitoring

Due to its compact structure, medium and low voltage switchgear often experiences strong arc faults when a short circuit occurs. In most cases, it needs to be cut off by the higher-level backup protection when the switchgear fails. If the fault cannot be removed in a timely manner, the arc fault will release a huge amount of energy in a short period of time, which is enough to burn down the switchgear, resulting in a long recovery time for power supply, causing significant economic losses and impacts. Arc protection uses arc light and fault current as dual criteria. In the event of an arc short circuit fault, the fault can be cut off in milliseconds without causing significant impact on the switchgear. With the increasing attention paid to power distribution networks, arc protection is increasingly being used in medium and low voltage switchgear. Arc light often occurs inside the distribution medium voltage switchgear. The distribution medium voltage switchgear is the power supply hub of the auxiliary power supply system in the entire plant. When the arc light is short circuited inside the switchgear, the power of the arc light can reach 100MW. The energy generated by arc combustion increases exponentially with the combustion time and short-circuit current change value of the arc, resulting in high temperature generated by combustion. High pressure causes the gas inside the cabinet to rapidly expand, reaching its peak in a short period of time. Eventually, it will gradually destroy components, copper bars, and rows of switchgear. The bright arc light and toxic gases also cause significant harm to human health.

The causes of arc light generation

When the power supply and transformation equipment, industrial converter devices, and special devices in the power system malfunction, a huge arc light will be generated. When the arc light occurs, it will generate a large amount of light energy radiation and high temperature radiation, which have a great destructive effect on the power system and sometimes even cause operator casualties. At present, when conducting arc light detection, arc light sensors are mostly used to detect the intensity of arc light, and then determine whether the system power needs to be cut off based on the intensity of arc light. Short circuit is one of the most common circuit faults in the power grid. When a circuit experiences a short circuit, an arc is generated, and the light emitted by the arc is called arc light. Arc light has a strong luminosity and generates very high energy. Controlled arc light is widely used in lighting, electrical welding, steelmaking, and satellite engines. However, when the arc light is uncontrolled, it is very dangerous, and the arc light generated during the circuit short circuit process is uncontrolled arc light, which has great harm. In addition, the temperature of the arc is extremely high (up to 13000K or above). When an arc is generated, the gas around the arc will ionize, and the ionized gas will rapidly expand. The expansion speed of the gas ionized can refer to the gas expansion speed data during the formation of the welding arc. The rapidly expanding gas can vaporize all objects it encounters. If an arc is generated inside the switchgear, all power components installed inside the switchgear will be severely damaged, causing significant losses. In addition, the restoration time of power supply after the switchgear accident is long. If the switchgear is in a closed state, the high-temperature gas generated in a short period of time during the arc generation can also cause the switchgear to explode, posing a threat to the personal safety of workers and the property safety of the enterprise. There is a serious threat.

Electric arc light sensor monitoring system

Arc light is a phenomenon of arcing short circuit ignition, which has characteristics such as high temperature and high brightness, and often occurs inside switch cabinets. Due to the high-temperature characteristics of arc light, if the arc light is not treated in a timely manner, the high temperature formed by the arc light will cause the conductor that produces the arc light and the materials adjacent to the conductor to melt or sublimate, leading to circuit damage and affecting the normal operation of the circuit. In severe cases, it may even lead to a fire. Therefore, it is necessary to detect arc light in order to handle it in a timely manner when it occurs. Due to various short circuits in the power system, arc light can be caused. In order to detect the arc light in a timely manner and safely and quickly cut off the arc light, fiber optic monitoring system manufacturers have launched an arc light detection system that uses fiber optic transmission signals. The arc light monitoring system can detect an arc sensor in a very short time. The arc light sensor, combined with other control and execution units, can quickly cut off the power supply after detecting the arc, thereby avoiding greater damage caused by the influence of the arc light. Fiber optic transmission of signals can not only reduce the response time of the detection system, but also avoid electromagnetic interference and improve the reliability of the system.

Arc light detection device

FJINNO’s independently developed arc light monitoring product can meet the requirements of arc light detection for different applications. It has a precise and fast detection method to locate the location of arc light, and there are no blind spots in arc light detection. The arc light sensor adopts a unique process of optical fiber, which gives it advantages such as fast detection speed, stable operation, low false alarm rate, and large light guide section. It can be set with different combination protections at different positions according to needs, with flexible configuration and can adapt to various operating modes.



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