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Temperature sensing fiber optic temperature monitoring system for switchgear, supplier

The real-time online monitoring system for fully sealed structure switchgear is equipped with fiber optic temperature monitoring equipment installed on high-voltage charged bodies. The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system can predict equipment safety and analyze temperature trend changes. Through the scientific analysis of equipment quality, engineering quality, operating environment, operating mode, load imbalance, etc. through real-time data collection, the fluorescence fiber optic temperature sensing fault monitoring system completely solves this series of problems and realizes real-time temperature detection of power system operating equipment. By analyzing and predicting real-time temperature measurement data of equipment, hot spots can be detected in a timely manner, playing a role in preventing accidents and preventing accidents in advance. Secondly, it also plays a crucial role in achieving condition based maintenance, improving maintenance efficiency, and reducing maintenance and management costs.

Principle of temperature sensing fiber optic monitoring system for switchgear

The distributed fiber optic temperature sensing system for switchgear conducts online temperature detection of key parts of electrical equipment, achieving early prediction of equipment and joint overheating faults, providing alarms and accurately determining the overheating position, and guiding maintenance work; At the same time, remote transmission of temperature measurement data has been achieved, and remote monitoring can be carried out. Information sharing can be achieved by connecting with other systems of unmanned substations; The monitoring system also provides temperature data for key points of equipment operation for operators, maintenance personnel, and production safety management departments, enabling them to have a clear understanding of the operating conditions of the equipment and accumulate operational data for maintenance departments, laying the foundation for condition based maintenance.

The fault monitoring system for fiber optic temperature sensing hotspots in switchgear is developed using the fluorescence afterglow principle of fluorescent optical fibers. The temperature monitoring principle is not affected by external factors. After detection and demodulation, it can be sent to the signal processing system to display the temperature signal in real time.

The temperature sensing fiber optic monitoring system for switchgear uses fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors

It can comprehensively detect the various points of the monitored object, with a large detection range;

Using optical fiber, not affected by electromagnetic interference, can be used in special hazardous situations;

The probe and signal channel are integrated, simple and safe;

Can accurately display the temperature status at any point at any time, achieving early warning;

Accurately and timely determine the type of temperature change, display the temperature reading and location of the accident point;

Reaching the alarm point can be reset without damaging the optical cable, with a long service life.



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