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Advantages of using fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors for temperature monitoring of electrical cabinets

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Electrical cabinets are mainly used in the process of power generation, transmission, distribution, and energy conversion in the power system, as well as to control and protect electrical equipment. The components inside the electrical cabinet mainly consist of control components, frequency converters, circuit breakers, isolation switches, transformers, and various protective devices. Due to the inherent characteristics of electrical equipment, the use of electrical cabinets in high-temperature environments and the heating of components during operation pose serious hazards to them. In order to prevent the harm of temperature rise to electrical performance, the traditional method is to open the door of the electrical cabinet for temperature measurement. However, the presence of electrical components inside the cabinet may pose a potential electric shock hazard to operators. There are circuit breakers, contactors, switch power supplies, and frequency converters installed in the electrical cabinet. When the components inside the cabinet fail, it can cause abnormal temperature monitoring values of the relevant components. Most electrical cabinets do not have temperature monitoring alarm systems, and damage to the components is often discovered only after the fault occurs, affecting normal operation and reducing production efficiency.

At present, fires caused by high-voltage electrical cabinets are more common in some enterprises, because high-voltage electrical equipment is often inevitably needed in some large enterprises, and the power supply voltage of these electrical equipment is often high, especially in some special working environments. Due to the poor environment, it is not possible to provide a good relative safety environment for high-voltage electrical cabinets, which can easily lead to these high-voltage electrical cabinets being in an unsafe state. Electrical fires are often difficult to extinguish and can cause a chain reaction, resulting in greater losses. Therefore, the fire caused by high-voltage electrical cabinets cannot be ignored. The biggest cause of fire caused by high-voltage electrical cabinets is that individual contacts or circuits in the high-voltage electrical cabinet cannot dissipate a large amount of heat due to long-term aging or poor contact, resulting in local high temperatures, even exceeding the ignition point temperature, and thus causing a fire. In addition to timely strengthening inspections, it is necessary to promptly eliminate hidden dangers in response to these abnormal points and nip accidents in the bud. Therefore, one of the most important ways to monitor the temperature of high-voltage electrical cabinets is to achieve multi-channel monitoring, and once a warning temperature occurs, it should be dealt with in a timely manner. In critical situations, it may even be necessary to cut off the high-voltage power supply to reduce losses. Due to the generation of certain heat during the operation of electrical components, if these heat cannot be dissipated in a timely manner, it will cause the temperature inside the electrical cabinet to be too high, affecting the stability of the electrical components, and also reducing the service life of the electrical components. Therefore, it is necessary to use FJINNO specialized fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device for the electrical cabinet to accurately and continuously measure the temperature of the components inside the electrical cabinet.

During the long-term operation of power grid equipment, “excessive load and aging of lines” often occur in power grid accidents. During operation, power equipment often experiences joint heating. If not detected and dealt with in a timely manner, it can lead to serious production accidents. According to statistics, such sudden faults account for more than 70% of external thermal faults, especially for enclosed electrical cabinets that cannot be opened during operation, making it difficult to measure the actual temperature of the joints inside the cabinets during operation, seriously threatening power safety production. In recent years, various advanced temperature testing equipment has been widely used in power production, such as infrared temperature measurement, temperature sensors, fiber optic temperature measurement, etc.

The drawbacks of traditional temperature measurement methods

The infrared thermometer cannot measure internal equipment through the cabinet door, and the cabinet door must be closed during the operation of the electrical cabinet, resulting in the inability of the infrared method to be applied to temperature measurement of enclosed switchgear. Even if a temperature measurement window is installed on the electrical cabinet, it can only monitor the temperature of some hot spots and cannot be monitored online for a long time. The conventional temperature measurement methods such as thermocouples, thermistors, and semiconductor temperature sensors require the sensors to directly contact the measured part, which requires multiple monitoring points to be arranged in each electrical cabinet and has the potential to reduce the insulation risk of the equipment. The fiber optic temperature thermometer uses optical fiber to transmit signals, and its temperature sensor can be directly installed on the surface of charged objects. The thermometer is connected to the temperature sensor through optical fiber, which has the disadvantages of high temperature resistance and good insulation performance. The wiring has professional guidance, and the cost-effectiveness is high. Therefore, fiber optic temperature measurement is about to be widely promoted in national standards.

Production and manufacturing of optical fiber temperature measurement systems for electrical cabinets

The fiber optic temperature sensing system is a highly reliable online temperature monitoring system. It has the advantages of real-time online, high temperature measurement accuracy, intrinsic safety, and no electromagnetic interference. Real time online monitoring of temperature conditions during the operation of the electrical power industry eliminates faults and accidents in their early stages, truly achieving preventive measures.

The fluorescence fiber optic online temperature measurement system adopts internationally advanced fluorescence fiber optic temperature sensing technology, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, no electromagnetic interference, intrinsic safety, long-term reliability, and easy expansion. It can monitor the temperature of monitoring points such as generators, high-voltage switchgear, ring main cabinets, outdoor and underground cable joints in electrical cabinets, power generation and power supply systems in real-time online.




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