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Technical Application of Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement System Manufacturers

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With the development of urban construction, power cables have been increasingly widely used due to their advantages of safe and reliable power supply, as well as their benefits for urban beautification. When power cables are operated continuously for a long time, temperature increases are prone to occur at cable joints, cable bends, and densely arranged areas. Continuously high temperatures may lead to cable failures, even fire hazards, endangering the safe and stable operation of the power grid, causing huge economic losses and adverse social impacts. By monitoring the surface temperature of cables, it is possible to comprehensively understand their insulation aging status, evaluate their operating status, timely detect defects and hidden dangers, and improve operational reliability and safety.
The use of distributed fiber optic temperature measurement principles to monitor the temperature of cable bodies and tunnels is one of the important means to improve the level of cable and channel operation management, especially in the application of ultra-high voltage cable lines. At present, State Grid Corporation of China requires the installation of a distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system for cable channels above level 2.




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