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Why use fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system


Transformers, high-voltage switchgear, large motors and other high-voltage electrical equipment are the main equipment for generating electricity and substation engineering system software. Their safety, reliability, and service life are particularly important for the reliable operation and service life of all substation engineering system software. Most of these high-pressure machinery and equipment are constructed in a closed structure. During long-term operation in natural environments with high voltage, high electrical flow, and strong magnetic fields, some joints and other locations may experience embrittlement or excessive circuit resistance, leading to heat accumulation. The overheating temperature increases the consumption of power transmission and distribution system software. If the heat pipe is not well cooled, it will continue to seriously endanger the normal operation of machinery and equipment, and even lead to common faults, negative impacts on social development, and incalculable property losses.

The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system can be applied in the following main directions in power applications:

1. Temperature monitoring of oil immersed transformer windings;

2. High voltage switchgear: Measure the temperature at 3 points, 6 points, and 9 points of the contacts, incoming and outgoing lines, and busbar copper bars in the switchgear;

3. Multi channel measurement of actual temperature of high-voltage circuit breakers;

4. Fiber optic temperature monitoring of the stator of large-scale water conservancy wind photovoltaic motors;

5. Real time online monitoring of hot spot temperatures of high-voltage equipment in different regions, such as reactors/transformers;

7. Other industrial testing equipment temperature long-term unmanned real-time monitoring.

The advantages of fiber optic temperature measurement systems

1. Electromagnetic, radio frequency, and microwave will not affect the stability and accuracy of temperature measurement, which is a characteristic of the optical fiber itself;

2. No metal parts, insulation;

3. High measurement accuracy, customizable temperature measurement range according to demand, good stability;

4. Good reliability, reusable;

5. Sturdy structure and long service life. 30 years of long-term use;

6. No need for calibration, no worries;



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