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How to measure temperature of cable joints in ring main unit

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Ring main unit is a commonly used switching unit in power supply systems, and its normal operation is an important guarantee for power supply safety and stability. The rapid deterioration and failure of insulation caused by partial discharge and local temperature overheating are common causes of faults in ring main units. Therefore, conducting partial discharge and temperature monitoring on ring main units is of great significance for evaluating their status and warning faults. In the power system, temperature has always been a very important parameter, and the electrical contacts between numerous high-voltage electrical equipment themselves and high-voltage electrical equipment are the weakest link in power transmission. The fundamental problem is the heating of electrical contacts. As the temperature rise time prolongs, the degree of oxidation at the temperature exceeding the limit will increase due to heating, which may cause major accidents such as burning the busbar and contacts, damaging the contacts, and power outage. Especially due to the exposed high voltage inside the switchgear, the space is enclosed and narrow, making it impossible to conduct manual inspection and temperature measurement. Therefore, it is particularly important to use fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensing technology to monitor the temperature rise of high-voltage electrical contacts in real time.

Characteristics of Fluorescent Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement System for Ring Main Cabinet Cable Joint

1. Fiber optic sensors are naturally immune to strong electric and magnetic fields, providing precise temperature management solutions for power cable applications;

2. The fiber optic temperature measurement system has high measurement accuracy and fast response;

3. Supports uploading upper computer and RS485 communication, with a universal standard protocol;

4. Provide optional LCD display screens for intuitive display of temperature data;

5. Industrial structural design, convenient system installation, stable and reliable operation;

6. Through industrial environmental adaptability testing, it ensures adaptability to harsh environments in industrial applications;




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