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How to use fiber optic sensors for temperature measurement in harsh working environments underground coal mines

Fiber optic sensor temperature measurementThe working environment temperature has a significant impact on the safety production of coal mines, and some instruments or sensors require temperature calibration as needed, such as ultrasonic ranging. In the past, thermocouple temperature sensors were widely used for underground temperature measurement in coal mines. However, thermocouple sensors have certain drawbacks that limit their further application in coal mine production, such as low measurement accuracy and large errors, which further affect ultrasonic distance measurement; In addition, its inconvenient long-distance transmission, slow response, and complex installation and debugging all affect the user experience. At present, thermocouple temperature sensors are gradually being replaced by fiber optic sensors. Fiber optic sensors have many excellent characteristics, especially in adapting to harsh working environments in coal mines and providing a high user experience. For example, they have strong resistance to electromagnetic interference and can achieve high measurement accuracy in complex electromagnetic environments; Fiber optic has low cost and wide bandwidth, making it suitable for long-distance transmission. Especially, fiber optic temperature sensors can continuously measure temperatures at multiple points along the line, making them particularly suitable for large-scale temperature measurement scenarios. Due to the excellent characteristics of fiber optic temperature sensors, they are particularly suitable for harsh and long-distance transmission applications in coal mine underground environments. Fiber optic temperature sensors are commonly used in tape conveyors because there is friction during operation, which makes it more prone to defects such as high temperature. Additionally, tape conveyors are generally far apart and require continuous multi-point detection. When the temperature exceeds the limit, the power can be cut off to protect the tape conveyor.



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